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Spritework: An Assortment of Trainers

by StellarWind Elsydeon

Christine_Wilderness_Sprite.png Cori.gif Darren_Sinclair.png Emily_Sylvanhart.gif Erin_McRade.png Gad_Sylvanhart.gif Glenn_Hendrix.png Mori_Hayashitani.png RPE_Gad_Season2.gif RPE_Katie_Season2.gif Ryna_Contest_Outfit.gif Willow_Deschaine.png Miato_Gad_Sprite_Sheet.png
StellarWind Elsydeon A rather large gallery of many (but not all) of my (and one of Linkachu's) Pokémon OCs over the years, in sprite form, in no particular order. As with the Miato gallery, these buggers have been created over assorted time periods and therefore the quality and anatomy sort of bounces up and down like a hyperactive yapdog.

Christine Evans (At the End of the Wilderness outfit), Cori, Darren Sinclair, Emily Sylvanhart, Erin McRade, Gad Sylvanhart, Glenn Hendrix, Mori Hayashitani, RPE Gad (Second Phase Era), RPE Katie (one of Linkachu's), Ryna, Willow Deschaine and Thirdspace Gad.