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An Adventure in Kalos: An Adventure in Kalos: Episode Twenty-Eight - A Fighting Chance Part 1

by avae

avae The Twenty-Eighth episode in Ava's journey through the Kalos Region. She will face friend and foe to become the best trainer she can possibly be. Lmao I literally deleted this story 2 while trying to write it because my keyboard is good. sigh.
Everyone's Current Pokemon:

Ava-Fennekin(F), Eevee(F)
Elijah-Scyther(M), Froakie(M), Litleo (M)
@AuraVolt97 @DianaRomero
@Cryronn the Mudkip @RedMew
As we left off, our heroes finally arrived in Shalour City, the site of their third Gym Battle. After skating their way (or screaming their way in Elijah's case) they reached the battlefield and are now ready to face Korrina for the Rumble Badge. Will they emerge victorious? Or walk away in defeat? Enjoy :)

"Who's first?" Korrina asked.

Ava stepped up, "I am." She said seriously. Korrina smirked and walked to her side of the battlefield with Ava doing the same. Elijah walked to the conveniently placed to the side of the field. A referee stepped up to his podium as announced, "The Gym Battle between Challenger, Ava, and Gym Leader, Korrina, will now begin! Trainers, release your Pokemon!" Korrina reached into her pocket and pulled out a glimmering Pokeball. She tossed it into the air and out came her ferocious Machoke. Ava took a deep breath and reached into her bag revealing a Pokeball of her own. She tossed hers into the air and out came Eevee.

"Machoke, use Power-Up Punch!" Korrina commanded. For its size, Machoke was surprisingly very fast. Eevee couldn't react in time and took a big hit. "Eevee, are you okay?" Ava asked concerned. After wincing from the pain, Eevee nodded her head yes. "Machoke, follow up with another Power-Up Punch!" Korrina shouted. "Use Quick Attack to dodge!" Ava countered. Eevee barely dodged the attack and now they had an opening. "Eevee use Swift!" Ava shouted. It was a direct hit, but Machoke was going down to just that. "Machoke, use Stone Edge!" Korrina commanded. The piercing stones sent Eevee flying into the air.

Ava smiled, they had prepared for this. "Eevee, use Swift midair!" She roared. This even had Elijah surprised. Midair hits were not easy to pull off. Machoke was hit but it was giving up yet. "Finish this with Power-Up Punch!" Korrina yelled. Machoke rushed towards Eevee gaining speed and power. Ava watched waiting for Machoke to get closer. When he was only a foot away from Eevee, Ava shouted, "Quick Attack! Get away!" The Power-Up Punch barely missed and Eevee got away. "Stone Edge again!" Korrina commanded. However, Machoke wasn't moving. "What's wrong?" Korrina asked. It appeared that the attack missed Eevee, but Machoke's fist landed straight into the cold, hard ground. He was stuck.

Ava smiled, "Let's finish this with Bite!" That was all I wrote for Machoke, Eevee had won it. "Alright!" Elijah shouted happily. However, this battle was far from over. Korrina still had one Pokemon left. She returned Machoke to its Pokeball and fiddled around for her second choice. Once she found it, she threw it into the air. Out came Hawlucha. "Let's go for the sweep, Eevee. Use Quick Attack!" Ava shouted. "Hawlucha, counter with Flying Press!" Korrina responded. The attack collided, but Hawlucha came out victorious. Eevee skidded across the battlefield. "Hawlucha, follow up with Power-Up Punch!" Korrina continued. "Hurry, Eevee! Get up!" Ava shouted. Eevee was too weak from the Flying Press that it wasn't able to get up. Power-Up Punch was a direct hit. Eevee was unable to battle.

Ava returned Eevee to its Pokeball and said, "Thank you for the incredible battle. Take a good rest." She set Eevee's ball into her bag and pulled out another one. "Fennekin, let's go!" She roared. "Hawlucha, use Flying Press now!" Korrina shouted. "Fennekin, counter with Flame Charge!" Ava responded. Elijah's eyes lit up, he didn't even know Fennekin could use Flame Charge. The attacks collided, this time it was a draw, both Pokemon were launched backwards. "Power-Up Punch!" Korrina commanded. Fennekin had no move to counter Power-Up Punch so they had to think of something fast. It came to her, "Fennekin use Scratch on the ground!" Ava yelled. Fennekin obeyed and hit the ground in front of her with Scratch. Upon impact, the ground turned to dust giving Fennekin a cover. Due to limited visibility, the Power-Up Punch missed.

Now it was time for Ava's real plan. The one she and her Pokemon had been preparing for in training. "Now use Ember!" Ava followed up. The fire mixed with the dust igniting the entire battlefield. when the smoke learned, Hawlucha was kneeling on the ground seeing as it had taken mass amounts of damage. "Finish it off with Flame Charge!" Ava shouted. It was over. Ava had won it! She jumped in the air and hugged Fennekin with all her might. Elijah also jumped out of his seat. It had been a really good battle. Korrina smiled and returned Hawlucha to its Pokeball. She walked over to Ava with a small box in her hands.

"Congratulations on winning your third gym Badge!" Korrina exclaimed happily. She opened the box revealing the Rumble Badge and all its glory. Ava picked it up and held it in the air. Korrina turned to Elijah. "Are you ready?" She asked curiously.

To Be Continued...