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An Adventure in Kalos: An Adventure in Kalos: Episode Ten - The Pizza Parlor Fiasco

by avae

avae The Tenth episode in Ava's journey through the Kalos region. She will face friend and foe to become the best trainer she can possibly be. (Just as a reminder, expect and episode every 1-2 days. It could possibly be 3 depending on what's going on in my life at the moment, but expect 1-2 days. Thanks.)
As we left off, our heroes entered a tournament called The Battle Palace. They managed to make it past the first four rounds of the tournament and landed themselves a spot in the final battle. With outstanding performance they managed to win the tournament! Now, our heroes will soon find themselves is a very interesting position. Enjoy.

For winning the tournament, Ava and Elijah were each rewarded with their own honorary victory medal and VIP passes to the Cyllage City Pokémon Showcase. It has always been Ava's dream to see a Showcase in person, and soon, her dreams would soon become a reality.

"We have to go to the Showcase! It's been my dream since I was young to go see a Showcase live. I'd watch everyone that aired on TV, now I have the chance to see it in person. I'm literally SHOOK." Ava pleaded. Elijah laughed, "Of course we're going. It sounds really cool. Don't worry." Ava smiled and did a silent cheer in her head. Just then, her stomach grumbled. She was hungry.

They found a small town by the name of Camphrier Town. This town was famous for their incredible pizzas. Since both of our heroes and their Pokémons' stomachs were near empty, it seemed like the perfect place to stop. That was, until they saw what exactly was happening at this said Pizza Parlor. Elijah noticed huge clouds of smoke in the distance. Where there's smoke, there's always fire. He thought. Ava noticed it too and they both took off in a full sprint towards the highly dangerous area.

When they arrived, the Firefighters were already station and dealing with the flames. Water Type Pokémon of all types were dousing the flames with Water Gun. Strangely, it seemed the more water they shot as the fire, the faster it was spreading. "Keep up your spray!" Shouted who looked to be the chief Firefighter at the scene. "Children, back away. No need to get hurt here." The Chief said. "But sir, you're water attacks aren't really doing anything to the fire. I think I have a way to help." Elijah replied. "Son, I can assure you we got everything under..." Just then the roof of the Parlor collapse to the ground and the fire spread another couple feet.

Elijah looked the Chief in the eye and then turned to Ava, "I'll be right back. Stay here and try not to catch on fire." He turned and ran back to town in search for the Pokémon center. Ava watched as people all around her fled in fear of being hurt by the deadly flames. She wasn't necessarily scared of fire. She'd always found it interesting.

Moments later, Elijah came running back with a Pokeball in his hands, "Sir, I appreciate the concern, but this town is going to burn to the ground if you don't do something about it. And if you're not going to do anything, I will. Charizard, let's go!" Elijah's Charizard came spiraling out of the Pokeball and landed on the ground with a huge "Thud". "If water cannot douse the flames then you have to use fire. If we create a new fire, It will consume the old fire causing both fires to disappear in a matter on an hour. All we have to do is make sure the first doesn't spread too far in that hour." Elijah said confidently. "Charizard, use Flamethrower towards the fire!" Charizard's mouth erupted with bright orange and red flames.

The new fire created consumed the old one. The firefighters and their Pokémon enclosed the fire making sure it wouldn't spread. Finally, both fires subsided and the town was saved. Ava went up to Elijah, "You just manage to amaze me more and more everyday." Elijah smiled back. The Chief walked up to our heroes, "Hey kids, I just wanted to say thank you for you aid in stopping the fire today. Without your help, this town would have been consumed in flames. I also wanted to apologize for my actions earlier. With your help, we can safely deal with fires now by using your technique. Thank you." And with that he walked away.

In all, our heroes may not have gotten the gourmet pizza they were hoping for, but they saved many lives and taught others valuable lesson to pass forward. However, this doesn't stop the fact that they still haven't eaten all day.

To Be Continued...
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