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An Adventure in Kalos: An Adventure in Kalos: Episode Four - Santalune City Gym Battle Part 2

by avae

avae The fourth episode in 14 year-old Ava’s journey through the Kalos region. She will face friend and foe to be the best Pokémon Trainer she can be. Enjoy :)
“Who’s next?” Viola asked.

Ava back away from Elijah and starred at Viola, “I am.” She said confidently.

Viola smiled and walked back over to her side of the battle field. Ava closed her eyes trying to calm down. She was a nervous wreck. This was her first battle and not only that, but it was against a Gym Leader.

I can do this... She thought to herself, trying to stay confident.

“Hey don’t worry,” Elijah told her. “I believe in you.”

Ava then stepped up to her side of the battlefield.

“The battle between Gym Leader Viola and Challenger Ava will now begin!” The announcer said over the intercom. “Both participants release your first Pokémon!”

Viola released Vivillon as her first Pokémon. Ava sent out Fennekin to counter.

“Let the battle begin!” Roared the announcer.

“Vivillon use Silver Wind!” Viola commanded.

Fennekin was launched into the air from the powerful gust of wind created by Vivillon.

“Fennekin! No!” Shouted Ava.

She had never been in a situation like this before. She just froze.

“Silver Wind once more, Vivillon!” Viola should.

Fennekin was once again pummeled by the powerful gust of piercing wind. Fennekin lay helpless on the ground looking at its trainer for an order.

Ava saw Fennekin’s look of worry on its face. The she remembered what Elijah had told her: “If you’re ever at a blank during battle, do anything. Just calling out any move can turn the whole battle around.”

So, that’s what she did. “Fennekin, use Flamethrower!” Ava commanded.

Vivillon was charred by the heat of Fennekin’s burning spirit to battle. Viola was quite impressed.

“That was a great turn around,” Viola commended. “But this a Gym Battle. It’s going to take more than that to win.”

Ava smiled; She was finally in her place. Her love of battling. “Fennekin, Scratch on Vivillon!” Ava cheered. Sadly, Vivillon dodged the attack by flying high into the air.

“Vivillon, Silver Wind once more!” Viola commanded.

This was the only move that they couldn’t avoid since it spread everywhere.

That’s it! Thought Ava. “Use Flamethrower on the Silver Wind!”

The Flamethrower combined with the Silver Wind making the wind have burning hot flames running through it. Fennekin was no longer effected by this. However, Vivillon was severely damaged by this smart strategy. With another Scratch attacked from Fennekin, Vivillon had feinted.

Ava lit up with excitement, “Great Job, Fennekin!” Ava cheered. Elijah smiled, she used a tactic he had told her.

“The most important tip I can give you when battling,” Elijah said. “Is to always think outside the box. Doing something completely unexpected makes you a great trainer. It’s also a very efficient way to throw your opponent off."

Next up for Viola was Surskit. If Ava managed to feint this, she would come out victorious.

“Surskit, Ice Beam!” Viola called out.

Fennekin was hit in the direct center of her chest by a severely freezing beam of ice. Fennekin had feinted. Ava was disappointed in herself. Ava returned Fennekin to her Pokeball to rest.

“I’m so sorry, Fennekin. You tried so hard, and I didn’t do anything to help.” Ava said starting to cry.

“Ava!” Elijah shouted. She turned to him. "Don't beat yourself up over this. It’s your first battle and you’re doing amazing. Don’t forget it’s still not over yet either. Now cheer up and win!” Elijah continued.

Ava smiled and wiped her tears; He was right. It wasn’t over yet.

“Eevee, come on out!” Ava said loudly. “Use Swift!” She continued.

It was a direct hit! Surskit was knocked backwards. Surskit then countered back with Ice Beam again. Eevee’s mobility came into play and she hopped right over it.

“Let’s do this, Eevee! Tackle!” Ava called.

Eevee rushed towards Surskit with great speed and hit it before it could react. “Now, Swift before it can regain itself!” Ava continued.

Surskit was unable to battle. Ava jumped in the air in excitement. She got down on her knees and held her arms out for Eevee. Eevee ran and jumped into Ava’s arms and they hugged in celebration. Elijah walked over to them and put his hand on Ava’s shoulder.

“Congratulations, Ava. You were amazing.” Elijah told her.

Ava let go of Eevee and stood up to face Elijah. The only thing she could do at that moment was hug him. “Thank you...” she said. “I wouldn’t have ever been able to do this without your help...”

“Of course you would have,” Elijah responded. “You’re going to be an amazing trainer.”

Viola walked up and once again interrupted their communion. She held up the Gym Badge for Ava to take. She took it with a great feeling of accomplishment. She held it up high. So very high.