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An Adventure in Kalos: An Adventure in Kalos: Episode Five - Team Flare Attacks!

by avae

avae The fifth episode in 14 year-old Ava's journey through the Kalos region. She'll face friend and foe to try and become the best trainer she can be. Enjoy :)
Ava and Elijah sat down at the Pokecharm Café to have lunch for the day. Elijah was treating Ava to a special celebratory lunch in honor of her first Gym Battle victory. "Thank you for all of this," Ava said truly meaning it. "I wouldn't have been able to win if it wasn't for you." "Stop being so hard on yourself. You're an amazing trainer. The way you can your Pokémon worked together is truly incredible seeing as you're a new trainer." Ava blushed and dug into her sandwich with great gusto. She was exhausted after her latest battle. Elijah followed her lead and did the same. A few moments later, Ava looked out the window to see a crowd of people running from something. She noticed a huge cloud of black smoke and flames. Ava pointed to what she had just seen, "Wha... What it that?" she asked. Elijah turned to see what she was talking about. Once he realized what he was seeing, he left $20 on the table and hurried out the door motioning Ava to come with him. Without hesitation she followed. They raced in the opposite direction of where they should be running. Straight into smoke and flame.

The thick, black smoke filled and burned their lungs. Elijah told Ava she should wait for him, but she refused saying, "I'm going wherever you're going." Elijah wasn't going to argue. His main concern was making sure people and Pokémon safely escaped the destruction, and stopping whoever was behind this madness. They were stopped a mere 40 feet ahead by a woman in a red suit with a big 'F' on the front of it. "Citizens are not allowed beyond this point. Don't make this hard on yourselves, turn back before I force you to." The woman said to the trainers. Elijah would have none of this, "Force me then. Scyther, come on out!" He shouted. "Guess you want it the hard way," She continued. "Liepard, stand by for battle!" "Ava go on ahead, I can handle her. Try to find people who need help, but most importantly, try to get to the bottom of this madness. And remember, if anything bad happens, run, run fast, get out of there."

Ava did as she was told and ran. She didn't see anyone in need of assistance, which was a good sign. It meant they had made it out safely. She noticed a group of men and women in lab coats surrounding a huge machine. She ducked behind a few trash cans so that she wouldn't be spotted. She leaned closer to see if she could pick up what they were saying.

"Liepard, use Shadow Claw!" the woman commanded. "Scyther, counter with Metal Claw!" Elijah roared. The force of the attacks launched both Pokémon backwards. "You will not interfere with Team Flare work, it is important for the sake of humanity!" thw woman shouted to Elijah. "If the sake of humanity is to destroy the world, then I don't want to be a part of it." Elijah replied. "That's good. You don't have to be. Liepard, Shadow Ball!" Elijah had to react quick, "Scyther dodge it with Quick Attack!" The Shadow Ball missed and Scyther knocked Liepard on the ground. "Now finish it up with X-Scissor." He continued.

Ava could hear some of what the men in lab coats were saying. "How is the 'project' coming along?" one of the men asked. "Everything is going excellently, Parteon will be very pleased. Zygarde cannot hide from us forever." Ava was confused about what all this meant. All she knew is that she had to destroy that machine somehow. "Now who do we have here?" Ava turned to see a man with a lab coat and red suit on. "Now how'd you get in here." He smirked.

Elijah quicky wrapped the battle up and continued running deeper into the smoke. His main concern was finding Ava and making sure she alright. He really cared about her. Eventually, he was spotted by other 'Team Flare Grunts' and they had been called, and they started to chase him. He tried to lose them by heading down and alleyway, but that had only lead to a dead end. He was soon surrounded by a dozen Team Flare Grunts and their enslaved Pokémon. "Well, well, well," One of them started. "Take a look at the little boy that thought he could stop us!" They all started laughing in an evil harmony. "Listen kid, I hate to do this to ya, being so young and all, but the bosses' orders are the bosses' orders. Trubbish use Sludge Bomb!" A dozen Trubbish all used Sludge Bomb simultaneously in the direction of Elijah. The only thing he could do is shield his eyes and hope for the best.

The grabbed Ava by the arm and pulled her up. Ava strugged to pull free and managed to do so. She attempted to back, only to realize she was being surrounded. "Weren't children taught not to play with fire?" He asked. "Because if you do, you get burned... Liepard, use Shadow Claw!" Liepard ran at Ava not showing any resent in its actions. Fennekin and Eevee hopped out of their Pokeballs to assist their trainer. Fennekin used Flamethrower an Liepard was stopped dead in its tracks. "Oh, so you want to play?" The man asked.

Elijah heard an explosion, but didn't feel a thing. He cleared his eyes and saw a tall, blue Pokémon holding a Blue Star standing in front of him. Whatever it was had just blocked the oncoming attacks. Elijah tried to pull out his Pokedex to see what the Pokémon was. It was completely new to him. However, the Pokémon was moving way too fast for the Pokedex to get a read on it. Elijah looked, in a matter of seconds, the Pokémon had all the Team Flare Grunts and Pokémon unconscious and on the ground in a matter of seconds. It turned to Elijah and nodded, then leaped up on the roof tops and hopped away. Just like a ninja. "Wow... Elijah mumbled. "Thanks..." He quickly regained himself and rushed forward, deeper into the smoke. He noticed a crowd of men in white lab coats surrounding someone I bet that's Ava. He thought to himself. He then released Scyther from its Pokeball again, "Use Quick Attack and X-Scissor to make a gap between those men. We need to rescue Ava," He shouted running towards them.

Eevee and Fennekin were running low on steam. That had been defending their trainer from the onslaught of moves for the past 10 minutes. They were exhausted, and Ava could tell. "Come on you two, just a little longer," She said reassuringly. Just them Scyther came bursting through the crowd of men and Pokémon. Ava smiled and returned her two friends to rest. Scyther had cleared out a path and she ran out of it. Next thing she knew, she was in Elijah's arms. "You came." She said. "Of course I did, I would never leave you behind." Elijah responded. "Let me wrap this up, then we can talk.

Elijah and Scyther quickly finished off the remaining Pokémon. Then Elijah noticed the machine, "Scyther, Night Slash on the machine!" he commanded. The machine, being as fragile as it was, was demolished in a matter of seconds. All of a sudden, the Team Flare members retreated back to their trucks in which they came from. It was like they were never here, despite the smoke and fire and broken buildings everywhere. The police arrived and Elijah had told them what had happened. Elijah looked for Ava to find she was unconcious on the ground. She had probably collapsed from inhaling too much smoke. They rushed to the hospital with the help of Officer Jenny and her police car.

Parteon sat quietly at his desk, montoring the failue of his task force caused by two 14 year-old children, with his secret cameras that monitored all of Kalos. "It seems as if we have some little annoyances to deal with now." He told his assistant. "Start preparations for Project XYZ, and keep an eye on these kids, they're proving to be very interesting."
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