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From Alpha to Delta to Omega (Beggining to Mid to The End): (Alpha) Stage 2 : Volcanic Activity

by Raijin Zen

Raijin Zen Oh yea Persona 4 Reference You'll See Soon
After The World Was Created. Volcanion Started Forming in a Volcano and Started the first Meteor Shower. Almost Destroying The World It was called Agneyastra. Dialga And Palkia Came And neutralized Volcanion. In The Night Sky The Moon Was Forming And On It Formed Cresselia But On The Other Side Formed Darkrai. Respectively The Lunar Pokemon And The Nightmare Pokemon. They Used Spells To Introduce Things to the world Darkness and Brightness Forming The Dark Sun and Light Sun. The Spells Were Called Mahamaon for Cresselia And Mamudoon For Darkrai. Also Morning Sun (Cresselia) and Night Moon (Darkrai) The Two Has Been Combating Each Other For Many Centuries.