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Alohan Adventures:Newbie Trainer

by Energetic_Sakura

One day at Aloha, A girl named Ivy, who is going to get her starter pokemon. Professor Kukui got all of the starters in all of the generations. All new trainers were going. But Ivy was very late. One pokemon was left.When she woke... She rushed to the lab and found the professor. "Sorry, I'm late!" said Ivy. "Just in time!" said Kukui Kukui was with Ivy's parents.Ivy's parents was a geologist in Aloha. Ivy was getting the last pokemon who is..... Torchic! But Ivy's pokemon was going to be Chickorita. Kukui said,"You're Chickorita was taken, so I gave you Torchic" "Torchii!!" Torchic's stats and nature were very good. Ivy left. But her sister Sky appeared with a Popplio. "Hey, Sky. Did you get Popplio? To be continued....