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Ali 14: Aliens of the Multitrix: Ali 14: Aliens of the Multitrix #10: Incinera

by Ariados twice

Ariados twice Tagging everyone who liked the original Alison "Ali" Catorce work. @Il Fantasma , @Astralpunk , @Midnight Princess , @Lord Of Pain , @Dark Hydreigon , @AyraDX , @33v33_lover .
Incinera is an Incinerite from the star Incineros. Incinera appears as a magma-based lifeform whose body is composed of a bright inner magma body covered by a reddish-brown charcoal-like crust. Flames that seem to resemble hair in a way go down to her shoulders. Incinera is essentially "living magma", thus everything she touches either melts or catches fire. Is the first to be the 10th alien in the Multitrix.
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