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Lady Skyland Shorts: After the Fire

by LadyLucs

LadyLucs Goes into a little bit of a ramble, but hey. This is after the fire that causes Tyler's disappearance. Lady is eight years old in this.
Also, I guess this could have a few triggering things, and I checked the rules multiple times before posting this so uh, yeah.
Lady felt numb. Her dad wasn't here, her mom hasn't been in the picture for a year now, Joey is at home sickly with Aunt Luenna, and Tyler....

They kept telling Lady that he wasn't coming back. She didn't understand why they kept on asking her what happened, because they knew what happened. She finally had had enough.
"I want my dad," She said quietly, "I want Joey and I want to go home."
The police looked to each other, "I don't think that is such a good idea."
But, Lady was done. She was done with fire, with Pokemon, with her family and esspically with herself. Lady hid in her room for the next week and a half, coiled up like a snake, with the bite and sting of one.
When Ego returned, it wasn't because of the fire, he actually never got the message. Instead, it was because he was finally beat and lost his champion position.
He smelled like guilt and snake skin.
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