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Aetheria Guides and Lore: Aetheria Lore: The Beginning

by Gamefreak1996

Gamefreak1996 The in-game stories of how Aetheria came to be. All worlds have a beginning, and that even goes for virtual worlds. And this is the story of Aetheria's beginning.

Note: The following tale is a story from the game within my RP: Aetheria: Kingdom of the Dragons, and is not a real world piece of mythology.
In the beginning of time, eons ago, the world of Aetheria was nothing more than an emtpy void of blank space floating in non-existence. Then, from the void emerged four dragons, one of fire, one of earth, one of air, and one of water. With their combined might, they towed all matter in the universe from the void on enormous chains, and divided it between them.

First, Inferius, the dragon of fire divided the mass into one large and several small portions. With his mighty roar, he ignited the larger mass with golden flames, and the rest with his multi-colored sparks. With his wings, he sent the smaller chunks of burning mass, each a different color, across the empty cosmos, and they became 'the stars'. He then set the larger portion in the center, where it became 'the sun'.

The dragon of earth, Celta, took her share of mass and shattered it into several chunks. She then carved each piece into a sphere and sent them across the universe as 'planets'. With only one last planet in her possession, she let out her shrill cry, shattering the surface of the masses and leaving large dents in the planets. The risen portions she called 'continents'.

Then, the third dragon, Mystonia of water, used her roar to turn her portion of mass into water, dispersing it across the universe as ice crystals, polar ice caps on Celta's planets, as well as rivers and streams, lakes and seas, filling what dents were created by the earth dragon.

Finally, Ragnor, the dragon of air, dissipated his portion of mass into various 'atmospheres', as he called them, among the planets. He also created 'winds', 'weather', 'thunder' and 'lightning'.

With their work finished, the four dragons used the last of their materials to forge one more planet, which they called Aetheria, which they blessed with a gift they have not given other planets as of yet: the gift of life. Trees and plants grew, birds soared across the endless azure skies, fish and other creatures of the seas inhabited even the deepest parts of the planet, and animals of all kinds walked, ran, crawled, or slithered on the earth. Proud of their work, the four dragons settled on Aetheria to spend their days.

Several thousand years passed, and while the dragons were happy, they also felt like there was something missing on their home. Soon, however, Celta discovered a strange new creature she hadn't seen before when he approached her, troubled. Upon meeting the creature, she named it 'Man'. Man then told Celta of his dilemma; he was all alone, the only one of his kind, and he couldn't find a suitable mate from any other animal. Celta's kind heart was moved with sympathy toward Man, and she told him to wait.

Soon, she gathered all of her dragon kin, and they debated over what they should do for Man. "I have an idea," Celta said, "We shall create a female creature using Man's life energy as a base. I shall call her 'Woman'." And so, it came to be. The four dragons used Man's life energy to create him a suitable female, who would stay by his side forever. As they grew in numbers, Man and Woman's children spread across the world, adapting to their various landscapes and ecosystems, and filling the gap the four great dragons felt.

And so, the foundation and first life of Aetheria came to be.

(Link to RP: https://pokecharms.com/threads/aetheria-the-kingdom-of-dragons.15560/)
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