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Aetheria Guides and Lore: Aetheria: A Beginner's Guide: UPDATE! v:1.2

by Gamefreak1996

Gamefreak1996 Another new update has graced us with it's presence, with loads of new content available!
A new update is out with new content for players!
New Concepts
-Added New Rank: Bishop Rank
-Added Companion/Partner System: Team up with certain NPCs and fight alongside them.
-Added New Quest Type: Escort
-Added Dual Wielding (one handed weapons only, usable by apprentice, squire, monk, brawler, hero, thief, assassin, shinobi, barbarian, renegade, shaolin, paladin, samurai, and shogun classes)
-Added Pet System
-Added New Weapon Tier: Tier V
-Added New Battlefields and Battle Mode
-Added Taming skill level
-Added NPC shop: Pet Store

New Classes
While these new classes don't have a new perk with them, they can still utilize the perks from their pre-evolutions, and have new access in terms of weapon classes.


Holy Knight: evolving from the Paladin, the holy knight serves as a supportive tank, with high attack, defense, and hp, as well as access to up to tier IV staves and polearms, and tier V swords, as well as moderate to heavy armor of tier V, and shields of the same tiers.

Great Hero: evolving from the hero class, these mighty warriors have the same base stat spread as their pre-evolution, but higher in numbers and slightly higher defense and mobility. They have access to tier V swords and tier IV axes/hammers and bows offensive wise, and light to moderate armor and shields of up to tier V.

Shogun: Evolving from the Samurai, Shoguns are faster, harder-hitting versions, but with slightly improved defenses and health. With access to tier V swords, and tier IV polearms and bows, the shogun is a versatile speedy attacker, and has up to tier V light to moderate armor for defense.

Bow Master: Evolution of the sniper class, with access to tier V longbows/crossbows and tier IV daggers and light armor, the bow masters have slightly better range than a sniper, and increased attack and hp, with a slight boost to defenses, and moderate mobility.

Bow Knight II: An evolution to the Bow Knight class, with access to tier V longbows/crossbows and tier IV swords and light to moderate armor of equal tiers, can make for either a ranged or melee attacker, with the stats to better suit a role. Increased attack and defense, and a small raise on magic defense makes sure bow knight IIs can last longer and hit harder.

Shifter III: An evolution of Shifter II, Shifter IIIs have access to tier V beast stones and tier IV daggers and knuckle dusters, aswell as light armor. With their stat spread remaining relatively similar, the best thing about shifter evolutions is that the number of beast stones, and their power, increases with each level of evolution, allowing for great versatility and unpredictability.

Master Thief: An evolution of the thief class, Master thieves have the same stat spread as the thief with higher numbers and somewhat improved magic stats, and gain access to tier V swords, tier IV daggers, and light armor.

Shinobi: An evolution of the assassin class, Shinobi have access to tier V swords, tier IV daggers and bows, and light armor. Their stat spread remains relatively the same to a greater effect, but their defense gains a bit of growth as well.

Renegade: An evolution of the barbarian class, this class's improved physical defense and higher hp and attack make it a walking tank! They can wield tier V swords, tier IV axes/hammers, and light to moderate armor.

Chief General: An evolution to the general class is sure to have enough HP and defense to stop even the most brutal attacks, and that is confirmed with it's chief rank. With slightly improved offenses as well, the chief general can chip away at an opponent's health while keeping their own at a safe level. They can wield tier V axes/hammers and polearms, shields, and heavy armor.

Chief Cavalier: An evolution to the cavalier class, With slight improvement on magic defense added to their already massive physical capabilities, chief cavaliers have somewhat better staying power, and access to tier V swords, axes/hammers, and polearms, as well as shields and heavy armor.

Enchanted Swordsman: an evolution of the sword mage class, enchanted swordsmen maintain their mixed attacker status with a bit more hp added into the mix. With access to tier V tomes and tier IV swords, as well as access to light to moderate armor, they can hold their own in a fight and dish out quite a bit of pain.

Royal Archmage: an evolution of the archmage class, Royals have the same spread, but with slightly boosted mobility. They might only have access to tier V tomes and light to moderate armor, but they can do a lot with so little.

Great Sage: The great sage is an evolution to the sage class, and is designed to keep his/her allies alive and well as he/she fights at a distance. They have access to tier V staves and tier IV tomes, as well as light to moderate armor.

War Bishop: With high attack and magic defense, a war bishop class, the evolution of the war priest/priestess class, has all the tools it needs to be any magic user's worst nightmare. This includes access to tier V staves to keep their allies in good health, and tier IV axes/hammers to dish out some real pain.

Shaolin: With a similar spread to the brawler, with a slighly greater emphasis on speed, the Shaolin is a mighty warrior with access to tier V knuckle dusters and daggers, tier IV swords, and light armor. This evolution of the brawler class shows no signs of slowing any time soon.

Scrapper: a second evolution to the brawler class, the scrapper deviates itself from the shaolin with a greater focus on physical damage and staying power than speed. With access to tier V knuckle dusters and daggers, and light armor to stay mobile enough, the scrapper can deal surprising amounts of damage quickly.

The Pet System
Have you ever wanted to fly on the back of a wyvern? Or hunted alongside a wolf? Or ride across the plains on horseback? Well, now you can! The Pet system allows you to befriend certain monsters with gifts. After giving enough, they'll surely give back, assisting you in battle and assignments, and utilizing every perk they have to help you achieve your goals. The higher quality item you give it, the more likely you're bound to befriend it. And though you can only bring along one tamed monster at a time, you can tame multiple monsters if you have a monster barn built. To heal a pet, simply give it food or use a staff.

To tame a wyvern, you can either give it pet meat (can be found by killing certain monsters or brought at the shop) or wyvern scale gemstones (found in certain areas in mining spots) to earn it's love. Once you've earned it's trust and equipped a flying harness/saddle (which can be crafted with a high enough tailoring level or brought at the new pet stores), you can fly it across the skies. They'll also fight with their teeth, claws, and tails. Be warned, though, that wyverns, griffons, and pegasus horses, are all weak to arrows and wind magic.

Griffons can be tamed by giving it pet meat, and like wyverns, you can fly them with a flying harness/saddle. They fight with their talons and beaks, with utmost ferocity.

Pegasus horses are tamed by giving them pet hay (again, available at the shop) or apples, and can, again, be flown with a harness/saddle. They'll fight with their hooves, but excell more at out-manuvering and getting the enemy's attention than damaging them.


Wolves and dogs both share the same traits, with strong sense of smell to detect enemies or hunting game, and battling with biting and mauling. All you need to tame them is pet meat.

Horses are always handy to get from point A to point B more quickly than on foot, and they can carry extra items on their saddles (tailored by players or brought in the pet store). They can also be equipped with horseshoes to make their attacks even stronger. To tame them, feed them some pet hay or apples.

Unicorns are faster, but more fragile than normal horses with lower hp, and can use their horns to cast magic attacks (the type depending on where it originates from, i.e. a fire spell for those found in Infera). They also attack with their hooves. To tame these mystical creatures, feed them pet hay or apples.

These feathery friends can be tamed with pet meat, and are useful for hunting, scouting, and communicating between long distances. They'll lash out fiercely with their talons and fall back before the enemy can recover from the attack and counter. They have moderately low HP, however, so keep that in mind.

The hardest to tame aside from wyverns (especially drakes), Lions, Tigers, and Drakes (basically dragons without wings or breath attacks), it takes pet meat to tame these monsters. You can also ride these creatures' backs, though horses are a little faster, and will fight with overpowering strength and razor sharp teeth and claws. Drakes can also use their tails for battle.

It's really thanks to all of you that Aetheria is growing at such a staggering rate, and I'm ever grateful from the bottom of my heart. That's all for this update, but expect some more guides and lore coming up in the future.

Link to RP: https://pokecharms.com/threads/aetheria-the-kingdom-of-dragons.15560/
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