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Shaha Region!: Adventures of the Cardinal 4 - welcome to Shaha

by Lord Of Pain

Lord Of Pain part 2 of The story of 4 of my trainer OCs in my fan made Region - Maria belongs to @TooBlue12 - comedy, Cringe, Drama, Action, fourth wall breaks and Heart wrenches - be ready to experience all of these things
It was a calm day at Sea, everyone on board the cruise ship was enjoying themselves.
children running around, girls sunbathing, boys trying to pick up some girls and........... *Sigh*........ Nick and Phobos sneaking out of the VIP ballroom with desserts they looted from the food table.

"cant believe we got out scot-free" Nick said as he made sure the coast is clear, "told you we would" was Phobos's reply, the white haired boy started to snack on some of the desserts he has got but stopped when he heard Valmont behind him, almost getting a heart attack in the process.

"you better eat that all if you dont want to get caught" said the white haired Scientist as he approached the two troublemakers, "also did any of you see Zodiac? havent seen him around, nor any swarms of girls who obsess over his fashion designs......." he asked
"in our room, Seasick" Nick answered, Valmont chuckled for a moment before looking around on the ship.

"do you miss her?" Phobos asked his cousin with a devious smile in his face. Valmont gave out an annoyed Sigh and answered "for the love of Arceus Phobos I've told you countless we where just colleges and nothing else".
"sure you two where just colleges" Phobos said in a sarcastic tone, he finished the last of his snacks and went of looking around, he decided to try and pick up one of the many hot girls around 'this is the reason behind the coat anyway' he thought to himself as he straightened his fur coat then his black messy hair

Nick walked around the boat too, he was checking out the other trainers that where coming to this region with them, in the crowd one trainer stuck out to him, his childhood friend and friendly Rival, "Natalie Vanir?! is that really you?!" he shouted addressing a girl around his age with see green hair, sapphire blue eyes, a navy blue short tank top and sea green baggy jeans, over he tank top she wore a royal purple unzipped jacket.

"Nicholas Aesir?! its been ages!" said the girl as she made her way to the blond boy, "where have you been Nick? hows life?" she asked joyfully, "the usual Nat, traveling regions and making friends, in fact i made friends with a Unova trainer and his two cousins and we are gonna challenge the Shaha region league!" said the blond.

*meanwhile in a black submarine, the letter "T" written on it in white and "R" in all the colors of a rainbow*

a grunt in a uniform consisting of black pants, a black hoodie and a rainbow vest walked up to a blond girl with a full white dress and a straw hat and said "Miss Vanilla the torpedoes are ready and waiting for the signal to fire"
"do you see us above water? no? then wait till we are before shooting! is that too hard to understand?!" Vanilla complained

soon the sub emerged from the water and shot the torpedoes at the cruise ship from afar, the torpedoes struck the side of the big cruise creating a massive hole in the side


that was all the passengers heard before going into a chaotic panic and ran to the life boats, "we wont make it to the life boats before the ship sinks! we got to figure out a way to get off this ship NOW!" valmont said to Phobos, "ill go get the others!" Phobos said as he headed off to look for Nick and Zodiac.
Phobos found Nick with a girl and shouted "Nick we got to go! we will drown if we wait for our turn on the life boats!"

"Nat lets go!" Nick said as he and Nat ran off to Valmont's direction as Phobos ran to get Zodiac, but his cousin was already out of the room and running over, "where we attacked?!" he asked

"who cares? lets get off here before we sink into Davy John's locker!"

"ok then!" Zodiac said but stopped in his track when he heard a girl shout out "Maria! its not the time to be clumsy!", he looked back to see a brown haired girl wearing a blue tank top with a purple vest and bandana who was currently on the ground, he ran over and asked "need help?"

Maria was on the ground when a man came over to offer help, she looked up with her green eyes and "yes please!" as he helped her up Maria thanked the man

"thank you mister..."

"Zodiac, this may sound corny but if you want to live follow me" he said as he lead her to the others.

"Damascus! Tide! i choose you!" Valmont said as he sent out a Mettagross and a Jellicent, with a swift move of a hand he pushed Nick off board and onto Tide the Jellicent before he rode his Mettagross Damascus who levitated off the ship, "Lucifer! Volt!" Phobos shouted as he sent a Vivillion and an Emolga out, the two held him by the arms and flew him off, Zodiac came back with Maria and sent out his Tentacruel, "go Box!" he said before jumping off board onto the Tentacruel, The ship was half sunk by now, "Njord!" Nat said as she sent her swampert out, "no time for you to get a separate ride so lets go!" she told Maria who nodded and both of them jumped off and onto the Swampert

--to be continued--
  1. Cloudswift
    Okay, I understand. :)
    Nov 8, 2016
  2. Lord Of Pain
    Lord Of Pain
    Nov 8, 2016
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  3. Cloudswift
    Hey, could I add an OC? Here's her description if you're even reading this far before declining me:
    Name: Tyson
    Team: Charizard(Blaze), Arcanine(Stripes), Mawile(Meg)
    Personality: Cocky, cool, can be klutzy
    Appearance: Brown hair, black tee shirt with an orange flame symbol on it, blue jeans, orange and black bandanna, orange sneakers, silver dog tag necklace.
    Please don't ignore this, and if you need more information by all means tell me! :)
    Nov 7, 2016
  4. TooBlue12
    XD Marie, clumsy at the worst times. Very fitting. :D
    This story is amazing so far! Can't wait to read more! :)
    Nov 7, 2016
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  5. NerdyNinja
    Nov 7, 2016
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