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Shaha Region!: Adventures of the Cardinal 4! : Story time!

by Lord Of Pain

Lord Of Pain After Battling Chlory our gang will have a meeting the evil team :D.... or just a glance of the grunts....

Maria belongs to @TooBlue12
Chlory stood in the center of the gym, fixing her scarf before sending out her pokemon, "Decidueye, Venusuar, Torterra, Whimsicott, Karatana and Shaymin sky!" She said as each of the mentioned pokemon appeared

"Awww she has a legendary! That's unfair!" Nick complained

"Do you not see the ultra beast?!" Phobos answered his friend

"Quit complaining you two! Now go Komodo!" Zodiac said as he sent his Nidoking to battle the Whimsicott, "NIIIDOOO!!" the ground poison type roared as he stared down the cotton ball he had to fight

"Go Willow!" Valmont said as he sent out a trevenant to battle the Venusuar, he knew Chlory felt familiar, as a team plasma scientist he fought her before in Unova, in fact he was confident about his pokemon choice because he had fought her Venusuar before, it's move set inspired Willow's

Maria and Nat sent out a Swellow and an Alolan Ninetails respectively against the Decidueye and Torterra also respectively

Finally Phobos sent out Zen the Pangoro against Karatana and Nick sent out Ymir the Mamoswine

(---Later after the battle---)
"That went better than expected" Zodiac said, "we had many type advantages" he heard Valmont say in a disappointed tone as if he expected him to have known this

"That was fun, as a sign of gratitude for giving me a challenge I haven't had in a while let me offer you a basket of Daet berries that are native to Shaha!" Chlory said as she handed Maria Nat a basket of Reddish bronze colored oval berries

"Thanks!" Nat said as she followed her friends out.

As they exited the gym Chlory dropped her fake smile and contacted Pain, "Pain, I just fought who I have warned you about, over"

"Thanks for informing me Chlory, hopefully Perry gains info on him if I ever have to battle him... over"

(---Later on route 4---)
Our friends have travelled for hours now and where getting close to the next town, "are we close yet? My clothes are all dusty and sand covered!" Zodiac complained while Maria, Phobos and Nick snacked on the berries that tasted like cinnamon apple pie with a hint of honey

"Almost there Zodiac, calm down" Valmont grumbled, he wasn't in the mood to hear complains since an incident occurred earlier involving a rabid Vibrava, a cactus covered turtle pokemon that apparently was called Shelky and a spatula..... don't ask....

"I see an outline of another oasis town in the distance!" Nat said as she spotted another town and a sign that read out "welcome to cactina town!" She also noticed a group of people dressed in a similar fashion, as if they where part of an organisation or something, if they are then she hopes they aren't like team Aqua and Magma that she had dealt with and are more like team skull, simple and dumb...

To be continued
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