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Unova Lifestyle: Plasma Affair: Adventures in Unova: Chapter 3- New Day, New Pokemon, New Friends

by SaiyanDakon

SaiyanDakon Glacier found a lone Zorua and took her in as one of his Own Pokemon. His Salamence has the young trainer on his back and they are flying toward Numeva Town. Who will they encounter?
Salamence landed in front of Professor Juniper's lab. He recalled Salamence and went into the lab. There he saw a young girl with a Petill and a trainer with a Buneary with the Professor. "Oh...you must be Glacier. Your father told me about you and your sister. I am Professor Juniper." The professor said, introducing herself. "I'm Lillian and this is Petill. I want to become an actual Pokemon trainer." She said. Glacier chuckled a bit about her becoming a trainer. No doubt she'd be an actual trainer to have fun with and battle. "My name is Iris. This is my partner Buneary. I want to become an elite four member." Iris said. "I'm Glacier and this is my partner...Zorua. We're aiming to become a Pokemon Champion." He explained. Zorua looked at the others in agreement. "Well...before we get started I'll give Iris and Glacier a Pokedex. This device allo-" She stopped abruptly. "It allows you to record data of captured Pokemon. I knew that from Professor Elm back in Johto." Glacier said, finishing Juniper's explanation. She smiled and shook her head. "Now then, would be so kind to pick a Pokemon from what I have here." She said, handing them their Pokedexs and opening the chest filled with 3 Pokeballs. Tepig, Oshawott or Snivy? This'll be my starter Pokemon from Unova but Zorua the first one I have. He thought. "I'm going to pick a starter...I'm good with Buneary." Iris explained. "I'm picking Oshawott." Glacier said, grabbing Oshawott's Pokeball. "Take care on your journey now and remember to weaken a Pokemon when trying to catch one!" She yelled, trying to remind the trio but they were already out the door heading down Route 1. Zorua had her injuries looked over at the Pokemon Center in the next town and she had recovered by then, so she was with Glacier as his first Pokemon caught in Unova. Then a wild Eevee pounced and attacked Iris and Buneary. "Buneary! Dizzy Punch!" She shouted. The rabbit smacked the wild Eevee with her large ears. Iris then threw a Pokeball at the dark type and caught it. "Welcome to the team, Eevee." She muttered. Glacier and Lillian were astonished to see Buneary move so fast and act so quickly. They continued to the next town and saw a bunch of people gathered at the stand. There were banners with a "P" on them and people in light grew uniforms with the same letter as the banner. A man walked in front of the crowd and spoke, "please...Pokemon are being mistreated by humans so I ask you to liberate your Pokemon." He said. Two uniformed men grabbed the banners and the whole group of them surrounded the man that said liberate Pokemon and they left. "Liberate Pokemon?" A spectator asked. "Pokemon are our friends." Another said. The townsfolk, confused, returned to their homes except one. The young man stood staring at Glacier and his new friends. "I am N...I heard your Pokemon say something." He said. Lillian and Iris turned to Glacier and Zorua. "Heard it? As in you heard it speak?" He dared asked. "Yes...its seems rather friendly toward you because of some incident you both had together." N explained. "Battle me! I wish to hear your Pokemon in battle!" He exclaimed.
  1. SaiyanDakon
    Oh...XD..I forgot...I'll change that to an Eevee
    Jul 26, 2017
  2. Shiny Blue Gardevoir
    Shiny Blue Gardevoir
    Wait, what? Iris doesn't have a purrloin, nor did I ever have plans for her to have one...
    Jul 26, 2017