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The Pokemon Adventures: Adventure

by Toxic

Toxic Misty is a new Pokémon trainer! She just moved in to her little home and she got her very own Pokémon, a Mudkip.
Misty hopped out of the back of the truck, breathing in fresh air. Her mother told her to reset the clock in her room before she could go outside, so she did. She set it to the correct time and ran downstairs, running out the door. "Thanks mom! I am going to go get my Pokémon now!" She said, being stopped.

"Before you get your Pokémon, I would like for you to go visit the next door neighbors. They have a son just about your age" Her mother said, going back inside, thanking the movers.

Misty went next door, knocking. The door was opened by a happy mother. She told her to go upstairs and meet her son. Misty went upstairs slowly. It was not her house so she did not want to break anything. "Hello?" She said, staring at the boy.

The boy turned to Misty. "Hello! You must be the new kid who just moved in from _____!" He walked over, shaking her hand. "I am _____ and you must be Misty. My father has told me a lot about you!" He said, closing his Pokémon journal. "Well. I would love to stay but... I have to get going. I am going to help my father observe Pokémon!" With that, the energetic boy left.

Misty walked down the stairs, saying goodbye to his mother. She then went outside, hearing a cry for help. She ran towards the direction, seeing the professor being attacked.

"Help! Take a Pokémon and help me!" The professor said

Misty chose a Mudkip and was battled by the Poochyena. "Use Water Gun!" Misty said.
Mudkip used water gun and defeated the Poochyena. Mudkip gained 57 experience and grew to level 8!" Mudkip gained 3 levels.

"Thanks for helping me. I was observing this here Pokémon when I realized I had no Pokémon myself! It started chasing me and wouldn't leave me alone!" He said, giving Misty a smile. "Say. Are you Misty? Well. Never mind. Seeing how you battled with that Mudkip I will give it to you if you would like. You showed great strength in that battle for a beginning Pokémon Trainer. See me back at my lab!" And he was off. Eesh did he talk a lot..

Misty went back to the Pokémon lab and was greeted by the Professor and his son.

*blah blah blah 1 hour later the Professor hands you your equipment and you're off to adventure*

"The beginning to my Pokémon Adventure!" Misty said, breathing in the fresh air. It smelled like it was going to rain so she went inside her house and fell asleep.
Misty woke up the next day. As she slid out of bed, she heard the soft noise of the pitter patter. She carefully put on new clothes and went downstairs, her stomach growling at her. "Good morning mom!" She said, her mouth watering when she saw the Belgian waffles her mother had made this morning. "My favorite!"

"Good morning Misty. Did you sleep well?" she asked her daughter as she opened the door. She was surprised to see the professor at the door.

"Well then! You finally answered the door, did you? Nevermind that, I wanted to ask your permission to send Misty on her way to fill her Pokédex!" He said, patting his big belly softly. "Well, I'll take that as a yes! Goodbye!" The professor said, running off to observe more Pokémon.

"Geez is that man energetic. Well, thanks for the food mom! I'll be going now" Misty said as she got her bag and slung it over her neck. She got on her rain coat and boots, with her hat, and set off into the world. "Ah. My adventure begins now!"
  1. Toxic
    Yay. My first story ^~^
    Jun 18, 2015