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Adventure in The Reborn Region: Adventure in The Reborn Region Chapter Two: Waking Up Inside (And Outside)

by Dapper_Cat

Dapper_Cat Is there really anything I can say? No.
"Hey. Are you awake?" Those were the first words I heard, but my eyes were still closed. Is that Ame? I think it is. I opened my eyes to find myself sprawled out on the ground. In front of me is Ame. I look around, and to my left, see a damaged train station. Probably where we were pulling in before the train blew up. A bit off to my right, past some wreckage, I see a large body of water. However, the water isn't the color you'd usually see water is. It's brown. Guess the brochure wasn't exaggerating when it said Reborn was ravaged by impurity. There were also several police officers nearby. I looked back to Ame and gave her a nod, then stood up. "I've been better. This is the first time I've been blown up, but something tells me it won't be the last while I'm here." I quipped, as I cracked my neck. "Good, you're okay." Ame sighed in relief. "The train exploded right as we pulled in to the station." She continued, examining the damage to the station. I nodded my head, as she continued. "We're lucky we got out of there in time, but who would-" She was interrupted by what sounded like an obnoxious, very peppy girl. "Hi-hi!" The voice said, and I turned my head to the direction it came from. "Julia..." Ame sighed. Then I saw her. A girl in what looked like a yellow-gold cheerleader outfit, with green hair tied back in a long ponytail. She wore a bright smile on her face.

"Julia, what did you do?" Ame continued, crossing her arms. "What? I didn't do anything! I was at the gym-gym, and then suddenly BOOM! So I came running!" Julia replied, putting her hands in the air in a mock-surrender pose. Wait, the gym? Of my Arceus, please tell me she means a gym where you work out. Please. "'Cuz, you know, if things are exploding, I gotta be there to see it. It's so cool!" "Uh huh..." Ame replied. It seems she wasn't specifically buying Julia's reasoning. "In any case, based on the timing, this must have been a deliberate attack. Somebody used the train to destroy Peridot Station." Ame stated, further observing the damage. Julia turned to look as well. "By the looks of it, they did a pretty good job!" Well, this chick sure is interesting, to say that least. "Maybe, but this isn't the time to be admiring their work." I replied, stepping next to the two girls.

"Ame, maybe try locking down the perimeter? It hasn't been too long, the culprit might still be around." I suggested. Ame nodded. "I'll get to it." She replied, as she motioned for a police officer to come to her. "Sorry, Caleb, but I need to take care of this. Fortunately, I'd already arranged for someone to meet you. She can help get you started here. She'll be waiting for you at the Grand Hall. It's just down this road. Meanwhile, I'll take care of this mess." Ame instructed, as she moved over to talk to the officer. Then Julia came over to talk to me. "So, you're Caleb? I'm Julia, captain of cheer and pep, and all things bubbly and bright! Oh, I'm also the Electric Gym Leader!" Of course she is. "So, I imagine we'll be battling soon! My gym's on the Peridot Ward! You'd better hurry to the Grand Hall!" "Right." I replied, as I made my way down the road.

[A Short Time Skip]

After a while of walking, and some sympathetic looks from some other people on the street, I made it to the Grand Hall. In front of me, I see a girl with long black hair. She looks like she's wearing black and grey robes of some sort. Interesting. Upon walking in her direction, she calls out to me. "Hey, are you Caleb?" "The one and only." I reply. "I'm Victoria, nice to meet you!" She extends her hand for a handshake, and I take her hand, shaking it. "Ame asked that I help get you signed up in the Reborn System. It's a short process, don't worry. Come on, let's head inside." She leads the way inside, and I follow. Upon entering the Grand Hall, I look around at the light-purple interior. To our left was a Pokemon Center, and to our right was a PokeMart. Up ahead, there was a large desk, which a familiar woman sat at. "Hey there." Ame called, waving. "Looks like I managed to beat you here." How did she pass us? "We caught the culprit almost right away. He's being interrogated as we speak. Apparently, he wasn't working alone. But, anyways, lets get to why you two are here. Both of you are signing up for the Reborn League, correct?" Both Victoria and I nod. "By the way, Kiki thought it would be a good idea if I started out with a new Pokemon." Victoria added. Ame pondered it for a moment. "Usually, we don't give them out to just anyone. But, if it's Kiki requesting it, I suppose. However, Caleb will have the first pick." Victoria gave a nod. Ame opened a gate, allowing me to enter. I did, and we headed upstairs.
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  1. Dapper_Cat
    Actually, he is. See, I've been stuck. One, I haven't felt like continuing, and two, I haven't decided on the starter. Froakie is off, then, lol. I'm sorta leaning towards a water type, but that wouldn't be the best starting type.
    Apr 26, 2017
  2. Fraseandchico
    *Thinking* Please Don't Choose A Froakie, Please Don't Choose A Froakie DAMMIT.

    EDIT: I Don't Even Know if Froakie Is In The Selection...
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