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Abandoned Town - Interior

by raccoonchan12

Abandonded School -Interior.png
raccoonchan12 This is the interior of the Abandoned School.The right side of this area is the only location that you can enter.The left side is unable to be enter until you finished the championship.Some of the Dorms are unable to be enter.There are only four dorms that can be available to go into.
- On the Top dorms on the 2nd Door,there is 2 Trainers that will fight you. The lady with the candles will fight you with,Meditite and a Litwick.For the Monk,he will use a Machop,and a Yamask. In the 2nd Pot,you will get a Revival Herb.
- In the 3rd Door,there will be a Monk in the corner between the hole and the bed.He will have have a Machop,a Raticate,and a Venemoth.There are no items in there.
- On the 5th Door,the 3rd available room,There is no trainers there,but there is a item sitting on the table.That item will be a TM move,which is "TM61 - Will-O-Wisp".
- On the 4th Dorm,4th room on the bottom right corner,there is a Lass that will fight you,one you enter that dorm.She will have a Delcatty,Swirlix,and a White Flabebe.She will give you a clue about what she heard.
- The next floor will be a hallway.Nothing much happening here.But you will hear a noise once you're between the two opening gaps.
- There is a Classroom that has been demolished because of the incident that happened.There are gaps in there,a small class,and a bedroom on the other side.This room is a small safe room,and you won't see any Pokemon in here.
- *This part will be able to go to,once you defeat the Championship* The last Floor,the Basement,is where you will find Team Rocket,the stolen Pokemon,a Gang of Team Rocket,and a Kimono Girl.The Kimono Girl will tell you to stop Team Rocket,and the Ghost Pokemon to stop fighting.Once you have defeated Team Rocket,they will leave and they will give you the key to the generator,and the ghost pokemon will leave you alone.The Kimono Girl will tell you that she will meet you soon and will give you a Luxury Ball.She will then leave and give the Cabin boy and the girl her Zigzagoon back
- There is a door that is covered by smashable rocks.You are able to use Rock Smash against it.Once you knock it down,You will find a Secret Room where you'll see a Man and a little girl that has fallen ill and some Pokemon Plush.The Man said that he heard that a Grandmother from the Targaryen City had lost her grandaughter and heard that she was at the abandoned school.The man found the girl,but she had fallen ill.He was attacked by a wild Duskull and protected her.They ranned Downstairs and had found a room.He decided to try and make her feel better.Its been 3 months since they were inside the room.He always keeps her in check.But,one day,when he came back from getting some medicene in Duanna Town,he saw a duskull helping the little girl from ill.He decided to let the Duskull help her.3 days later,she became worse.The man brought her some plush dolls,and looked up what she had.Apparently,she was badly poisoned by a wild Viluplume.It was a miracle to see her still breathing by for weeks.The Duskull brought him over to a Pecha Berry Tree,and helped him grabbed him some.He came back to the room and made her a herb soup that can help stop the poison.It worked,and she was worried about being scolded by her grandmother,and she wanted to stay with him in the room.Next Month,The duskull that helped them evolved into a Dusclops and becamed the leader of the ghost Pokemon of the abandoned school and decided to protect them.
- You will fight the man who was protecting the girl;he has a Togetic,a Swellow,and the Dusclops that protected them.Once you defeat them,the man will try to fight you again.But the little girl stops you both from fighting again.She decided to go back,but wants to bring the Biker and Dusclops with them.They will give you a Big Nugget after thanking you.
- The Pokemon you will see here are,Duskull,Shuppet,Gastly,Zubat,and Litwicks.
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