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Abandoned: Abandoned - Chapter 4: A Promise

by SoulBeam056

SoulBeam056 Ivy, or rather Esther now, reluctantly follows her master's orders against her will. She must obey his commands and suffer many battles of training. She tries to look on the bright side of things: At least she's getting stronger, right? But she still has the deep longing to see her friend again. Will they ever find each other?
Please... Just let her be safe... Ivy prayed, reluctantly following the trainer and struggling to keep up with his fast pace. The man now referred to her as "Esther", which she had to admit wasn't actually a bad name. Kinda nice, honestly.
The day dragged on, seeming like it'd been a month as she fought battle after battle with wild Pokemon until her HP was around 0. The sun slowly sunk below the horizon, streaks of orange dissolving into the black of night as the moon rose above to take its place.
Ivy, or rather Esther now, was returned to "the black prison" as she called it, but she was kind of relieved. At least she could rest. For some reason Esther kept on expecting some monster to come walking out of the endless shadows surrounding her and murder her.
But, it never happened.
Finally, the next day she was released once again. More battles. But it was still better then being stuck in that... Daycare, they called it?
Esther just defeated a rather high level Butterfree, panting with exhaustion as she cringed slightly in pain. She eagerly awaited that moment of healing, staring up at her trainer with wide eyes. As usual, the man lead her away to the familiar orange building as she limped after him, letting out a silent sigh of relief as the pain suddenly vanished.
She had no problem taking out the Raticate after it, feeling rather proud of herself.
Well, on the bright side of being with this trainer, I'm getting way stronger, right? She couldn't help thinking from time to time.
Suddenly she felt a strange rush of energy flow through her body. It felt... weird. Sort of tingly, but energizing. She blinked, confused as she looked up expectantly at her trainer.
He had a smile on his face. Hm...?
She glanced down, raising a paw. Purple......I evolved?! She realized suddenly, grinning happily. I evolved! I really did! I mean I feel bad for thinking this, but... I guess I really DID benefit from being with this trainer, she mused guiltily, quickly replaced with more excitement.
She shook herself. No. I must find a way out of this man's grasp, find my way back to the wild. Back to Glaze. She decided firmly. But... How am I going to do it?


Alright, Esther. Just keep calm... She took a deep breath, concentrating. My biggest chance of escaping, is escaping this Pokeball and running away. There HAS to be some sort of weak spot.
She wandered around, realizing there were invisible walls forming a circle around it. Huh, so it wasn't endless shadows, then... Maybe if I can destroy the wall... Or at least create a small enough hole to squeeze through... She thought hopefully, closing her eyes.
There was a quiet crack sound, almost invisible lines appearing throughout the wall. Slowly but surely, it spread, spiraling outwards in a spiderweb-like shape as a small beam of light soaked through. I'm doing it!
The hole grew wider and she opened her eyes, the jewel on her forehead seeming to glow a bit in the light of dawn. Free... I'm free! She thought as she squeezed through the hole, quickly dashing away towards the hills and fields.
Towards freedom.
Glaze... I'm coming for you! She thought as she slipped through the fence.
"I'm coming... I promise... I promise I'll find you... Somehow..." She murmured, and bounded away towards the rising sun.
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  1. SoulBeam056
    Thanks X3 I'll try to write more when I can.
    Aug 26, 2015
  2. ~Pokelover~
    Can't wait to read more!!
    Aug 26, 2015