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Abandoned: Abandoned - Chapter 3: Withering Hope

by SoulBeam056

SoulBeam056 Ivy got captured by a trainer, and misses her friend deeply. Will the two ever find each other? O: Hrm. So I AM actually going along with this whole story...
Everything around her was black. Glaze... She curled up into a ball, a tear rolling down her cheek. What's happening? Where am I, even? Her shoulder still stung where the flame had burned her and she leaned in to lick it gently, barely easing the pain but still helping... Slightly.
Suddenly the darkness vanished, sunlight beaming into her eyes as she blinked, adjusting to the light.
"Hm? Oh, why hello, darling." A male voice said, another Eevee that was slightly larger than her padding up to her.
"W-where am I?" She whimpered, shrinking back.
The other Eevee seemed to ignore her question.
"Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Shade. And who might you be?" He asked, and she could've sworn she saw a smirk.
"Ivy," she mumbled quietly.
"Pleasure to meet you. So, I see master has finally found a... rather hot, might I add, female with some good EV/IVs." Shade smirked.
"Hrm. Better than the last one. You know, Ivy, you're quite lucky to be chosen by master. Anyways..." He glanced around.
"Better start soon; best not to keep master waiting," he snickered, looming over Ivy.
"'Better start soon'? What do you mean?!" She demanded, her back hitting a tall metal fence.
"Hm? Are you really that stupid? I thought wild Pokemon knew at least a little about this stuff. Oh well," he shrugged, shooting her a nasty grin and pinning her down to the ground.
"W-wait a second... W-wha-"
Shade only snickered.


The old lady approached her and she tensed, bristling slightly. She picked her up, walking inside of the small building. She caught a flash of that familiar man before things became black again. She stared down at her paws, sighing. Glaze... Please... Help me, somehow... She clenched her eyes shut, tears streaming down her face.
She was released from the dark prison once again, light shining around her. At least it's light again, She thought, staring warily up at her supposed "master".
"Alright, Esther. Come on." He said in a deep, booming tone.
Ivy tilted her head. Esther?
The man was already walking away, and Ivy didn't see any other Pokemon around so she just assumed he meant her. She followed obediently, knowing she had no other choice in the matter.
I wonder how Glaze is doing, she thought sadly.
I wonder if she misses me. I wonder if she's trying to find me right now. Will I ever find my way back to her? What if... What if something happened to her?
Ivy sighed, staring up and watching the clouds slowly drift along the endless sky, unable to stop thinking about her friend.
Please... Just let her be safe...
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