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Abandoned: Abandoned - Chapter 2: Captured

by SoulBeam056

SoulBeam056 Well guys, guess I really DID come along to making a chapter 2, so... enjoy! :)
The Eevee closed her eyes, shivering occasionally. Eventually she drifted off into a slumber, soon to awake the next morning.
Ivy slowly opened her eyes, blinking a few times. The grass and leaves glittered in the sun from last night's rain, as if everything was coated in crystal. She yawned, stretching and stumbling onto her paws. Ivy gazed around, a sad, pained look on her face as she caught the sight of her house. She turned away, knowing, deep down, she wasn't wanted there any more.
She raised her head, her ears perked as she sniffed the air. There was a quiet giggle, another Eevee padding out from a bush.
"Um...Hi?" She replied, a faint smile on her face.
The other Eevee grinned.
"Soo... Who are you? Hm... You're one of those housepokés, aren't you?"
"Ivy," she replied, staring curiously.
"Erm... What's a 'housepoké'?"
"Riiight. I suppose housepokés don't know what a housepoké is." She laughed.
"Oh, and my name is Glaze, by the way."
"Sooo... What IS it, then?"
"Housepokés are Pokémon that live with people and roam around the house. Although... Why were you sleeping out here then, if you have the cozy shelter of your home?" Glaze asked questioningly, tilting her head.
"Hm... I see. Happens sometimes. That's why you just can't trust most humans..." She said quietly, shuddering.
"Anyways, if those traitorous idiots left you here to die, then you'd better not die. Come on!" Glaze said, cheering up.
She turned around, walking over to a fence and jumping up. She scrabbled over the top edge, landing on the other side with a small thump.
"You try." She smiled at Ivy from the other side.
"Don't worry, it isn't hard at all. Perhaps a bit difficult for housepokés though..."
Ivy blinked, gazing at the top of the fence and narrowing her eyes. She built up strength in her back legs before suddenly springing up, easily clambering over the fence. She ended up landing on her face, however, letting out a muffled yelp and getting back onto her paws before shaking herself.
"Well, you did it," Glaze shrugged.
"Anyways. Come on, let's go explore!"
She grabbed Ivy by the scruff, dragging her off into the sunny fields.
"Ey, stop it!" She said, an amused smile on her face as she squirmed out of her grip. She stared around, mesmerized.
"This place is huge!" She exclaimed, her eyes wide. Glaze nodded in agreement, running over to a dark green bush and plucking a big, round blue berry.
"Hm... This seems ripe. Want it?"
She tossed it over to Ivy, who opened her mouth wide and caught it. She chewed a bit before swallowing, running her tongue lightly over her teeth thoughtfully.
"It's sweet. What is it?"
Glaze looked at her in disbelief.
"You don't know what an Oran berry is? But I thought those human guys who have housepokés as pets at least know what Oran berries are!"
Ivy shrugged.
"Whatever. I know what they are NOW though, right?"
"Ehh. I guess."
The two Eevees padded eagerly through the field, examining different things such as other Pokémon, different types of berries, and the occasional strange item they'd found lying around.
Eventually night fell, the cloudless sky illuminated by the twinkling of sky. The two huddled together in a small cave, whispering their good nights before eventually falling asleep. The sun and moon continued to take each other's place as the days passed, their friendship growing stronger.
Ivy awoke one morning, yawning a bit before poking Glaze.
"Wake up! We were gonna explore that other big cave today, remember?" She said excitedly, jumping up and down.
"Fine, fine. I'm getting up..." Glaze mumbled sleepily, taking a few minutes before actually waking up.
"Come onn!" She grinned, dashing out side with the other Eevee following slowly behind her.
Ivy suddenly stopped in her tracks, her head cocked.
"Hm? Ooh, look! It's a human!"
Ivy smiled, walking over to the man.
"Wha- Ivy! No! That's a trainer! Didn't I tell you to stay away from them?" Glaze hissed, dashing forwards and trying to drag her away.
"Ow! Let go, that hurts!" She hissed back, squirming.
The man loomed over the two, sending out a Quilava.
"O-oh no..." Glaze murmured, raising her head and staring up at the human with fearful eyes.
"Ivy, run!" She shouted, backing up.
"W-wait a second, w-what are you doing? W-" Ivy stammered, letting out a loud yelp of pain as a flame burned her shoulder. A strange item bounced onto the ground next to her, and she took a step back, whimpering.
Then it sucked her in.
Glaze watched in horror as the man smiled, bending down to pick up the ball and soon walking away, leaving only that small, burnt patch of grass where he had commanded that Quilava to use Ember.
"N-no..." She whispered, breaking into a run as she tried to dash after the trainer.
After her friend.
But the trainer ignored her cries, walking farther and farther away.
A tear rolled down her cheek and she stared, terrified at where Ivy was standing just a few moments ago.
Y-you can't just take her away like that... She was... She was my only friend...
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