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A Walk to the Victory

by CombuskenBrazil

CombuskenBrazil Why the title?

Serious, when I... No, my entire neighborhood got in 2 DAYS WITHOUT INTERNET, I've was editing sprites.
When I was editing an "Next Gen" Pupil Mark sprite, I got in my hand a new tool.
ARCEUS, I've was planning so much time ago make these sprites using others...
(I'll post Mark sprite later)
I tought: "Hum... Why not make an D/P/Pt Combusken?"
And, well.
Here it is...

Without the cap.
Meh, too much hard.

Well, I hope you appreciate (or like) my job here!
Thanks, now have fun.

(Any english errors, warn me)
(If you don't know who is Combusken, I have a summary about this OC)
(If you don't want to read the summary...)

(Well, he's a cool boy, with few friends, many are girls, but he's better than Ash...)

(Oh, and it gets old!)

(LoL, Giga Description)
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