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Me and my Friends as Anime villains: A - The Sadistic Doctor

by Lord Of Pain

Lord Of Pain So I have decided to draw me and my school friends as villains if we where from an anime

The designs are based off of traits, inside jokes and things about us that we tease each other with

Let's start with Me

A - The Sadistic Doctor

The brains of a group called the Nether Plane Kings, A enjoys experimenting with homebrewed poisons on living beings and has a habit of ditching anything and everything he is currently doing to preform experiments if an idea for one pops into his mind, he is also a mechanical genius and always calm

Strength - 1 (since I am very skinny and weak my character is just a normal guy that happens to be a Genius)

Defense - 1 (same as strength)

Intelligence - 3 (its collectively agreed that I'm the smartest one in the group so this is a given)

Speed - 1.5 (again, just a normal guy)

Power - 0 ( N O R M A L - G U Y )
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