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Katie's Kalos Adventures: A Semi-Average Brunch

by Rainbowditto

Rainbowditto Kalos is wide and vast, but when 5 of your 6 pokemon team run off into Kalos's wilderness, it can get annoying.
You don't look up when you head out, but you can tell that Felix is jumping around in the treetops above you. "Don't have to show off y'know." you grumble in his general direction. The branches rustle slightly before Felix hops down next to you with a disgruntled croak. "Save it for after we find the rest of the team." you hiss at him. This is annoying and surprisingly not the first time this has happened. A phantump leaps at you from the underbrush, but you're not in the mood for this shit. You flick your wrist at Felix and sigh. "Just use night slash." Felix looks at you disappointedly, apparently he wanted a real fight and not a blink-and-it's-over kind of thing. Whatever though, you need to save your energy for when you're screaming at Sasha, Fredrick, Freezer-Burn, Charmont, and Paul. God you're going to kill them. Or they're going to kill you. Either way. A couple of minutes later, and your stomach growls. It's then that you realize that you didn't even eat before you set out. Lovely. Turning to Felix and making a face is all you have to do. He's off to go back to the camp and grab a few snacks.
It takes a few minutes, but eventually Felix leaps down from the trees, causing you to jump in surprise. "Watch it!" you shout, but you're thankful to have him back. Felix croaks once, and hands you a plastic bag full of a couple of dill pickles. Your favorite!! Felix himself, you notice, has nothing to eat. You raise an eyebrow at him, but he only shrugs and wraps his tongue around his neck. With the breeze slowly floating between your hair and the grass tickling your thighs, you're content with the half-assed meal.
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