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Katie's Kalos Adventures: A Semi-Average Afternoon

by Rainbowditto

Rainbowditto Following a half-assed lunch, Katie continues to look for her pokemon team with Felix.
You sigh, and lean on your right arm as you sit. It's been about half an hour since you first left the campsite. The pickles are both gone and in your stomach, and Felix was staring contently at a small stream. It was a pleasant afternoon despite your circumstances and with the burbling of the stream it's not hard to nod off. You lie down and curl up into a ball. The gentle warmth of the sunlight keeping you at a comfortable temperature and you slip into a nap.
Felix looks to his right, and with a whisper into the bushes he calls to Paul. "You can come out now." Paul steps out of the underbrush with a shake of the head and a flick of the tail. Sasha is soon to come out after him. "So why are we doing this again?" Paul asks. Felix shrugs and looks up into the trees. "They looked tired," he begins, "thought that maybe they needed a break from everything." Paul twitches his ear and gives Felix a questioning look. "So you take them out in the middle of nowhere and make it look like we ran off?" Sasha scampers over to Katie and sniffs them lightly, then looks at Felix. "Yeah I'm not an expert on this sort of stuff, but I'm pretty sure this is the opposite of un-stressing someone." Felix grunts and waves a webbed hand. "Just trust me on this one alright?" he says, "And could you get away from them? Don't want you zappin' them." Sasha huffs and crosses her arms, but moves away from her master. Katie then twitches, and rolls over. Felix wraps his tongue back around his neck and waves off the other two pokemon. Katie was about to wake up.
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