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Pokemon Daria's Adventures: A Rematch At The Flying Gym

by JC111414

JC111414 Daria returns again to the Flying Gym, this time with Laironx whom she has began to trust once again
I sent out my Treecko against his Pidgeotto again. Pidgeotto kept using Wing Attack but Treecko evolved into Grovyle and ended the battle in a draw. I sent out Tepig and he sent out Swellow. Tepig used Ember and Swellow used Steel Wing. Tepig fainted.
"I'm counting on you." I said sending out Lairon.
Lairon use Rock Slide. He finally obeyed and defeated the Swellow. Flashy sent out Staraptor. Staraptor kept using Close Combat and Lairon kept taking hits. I told him to use Rock Slide but didn't obeyed. He kept getting hit until he used Hidden Power and annihilated Staraptor. I was then given the badge. I went to the Pokemon Center and congratulated all of my pokemon. They all seemed happy enough. Hugh came by and told me he too jad won a badge. He then proceeded to challenge me to a fight when we get five badges. I agreed and checked on my map to see the next gym was on Moonlight City and had to board the boat to get faster. So Irma and I hurried and luckily took the boat that was going to Emberbrown. We got off and walked all the way to Icecold City and put on our coats. We then got to Mt. Coldest and saw UK with Kenta...