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A Pokemon Journey - Micheal Davy! #1

by Gyro Warship

Gyro Warship Join Micheal Davy on his journey through his Pokemon journey! Travel through the whole Pokemon world! Kanto, Hoenn and Unova! Have fun!
One day in kanto, imagine a child with only one goal. To impress his father. Young Micheal Davy lived with his father, Martin Davy who was a well-known Pokemon champion from every region. Since the 80s Martin has been a famous champion. Today Micheal decided, since he had just turned eleven, he knew he was ready to pick his Pokemon! To the lab he went. '' I won't let you down! '' Micheal called to his father. He rushed out the door in a hurry.

At arrival he met Professor Oak. There were three Pokeballs on a table. One had a flame sticker on it, another had a teardrop on it and the last one had a leaf on it. He decided to pick a Charmander. Instead of it being you're casual red-orange Charmander, he got ''another'' Charmander...
  1. Gyro Warship
    Gyro Warship
    What kind of Charmander would it be? Post your comment or reply your answer. The winner whoever get's the answer right first get's a shout in the next addition.
    May 19, 2019