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A poem about my pokemon team

by BooBerry

BooBerry This is a poem about my awesome team in Kalos and Unova! So since I wanted to do this for them, I wanted to show this to you charmers and my team!
this is a poem about my team,
Which makes them happy and jump with glee,
With sylveon, audino, and absol as well,
Including the rest that I am going to tell,
Sylveon the cutie which I love the best,
Has elegant ribbons of beauty like the early bird's crest,
Generous and kind, like audino that's right!
Sylveon will shine bright as the sun's light!
Absol the strict one, who is often that mean,
Even in battles, that is not usually seen,
But he's helpful as well that is often sweet!
Like the baby birdies making their first tweet!
Audino the healer, who is not that bossy,
Like the mother birds taking care of her sweeties,
Whenever someone is blue, she will make you smile,
Like a cute little puppy that makes you squee!
Pikachu, the beauty of the team,
Is generous and loyal to all that is good or mean,
Making people happy, and giving them kisses,
Just like the mothers giving her kids the careness!
Dewott the mischievous,
Just like the snake hisses,
But often having fun,
Just like annoying orange saying puns,
When someone needed some help,
He is the pro,
Not like a wishcash, or a slowbro,
Greninja the silent one,
With his ninja grace,
Just like the pokedex,
He acted the same,
But if someone just fall,
You know who to call,
Like the wolf's cry,
He is not sly,
And lastly Venusaur,
Who is strict Like absol,
But not usually mean,
Like an angry swarm of butterfree,
But if someone is late,
A piece of cake,
He is the pokemon you should call,
This is the end of my first poem,
Hit that like for this poetry of bond,
The bond between trainer and their pokemon!
  1. WolfyPop
    Roses are red, Violets are blue.
    Be my valentine, I am waiting for you. :)

    Blood is red, Bruises are blue.
    Don't say no......

    Nov 5, 2016
    Excalibur Queen and Kat~Raichu like this.
  2. WolfyPop
    Nice job! Can you maybe do a Poem about Phoenix, Storm and Dakota? :)
    Nov 5, 2016
    Excalibur Queen and Kat~Raichu like this.
  3. FlamingOrangeEevee
    it must of tuck you a long time to do this:up:
    Apr 21, 2016
  4. BooBerry
    Thanks, and I am a woman you know that right?
    Mar 15, 2016
  5. PaperPap
    You sir got some ryming skills! I like it:up:
    Mar 15, 2016