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A Pitch Black Encounter!

by Dreiki

Dreiki I dunno if I'll make a follow up to this, or leave it as is.
An eighteen year old male tosses, and turns in his sleep. His blanket had long since been kicked off, and his pillow thrown on the floor. He was sweating, and fidgeting in place, causing the Mightyena sleeping next to him to wake up.

Seeing its trainer in distress, the Pokemon quickly began to nudge, and bark at him, attempting to wake him up. Seeing that this wasn't working, the Mightyena bit its trainer's leg. Not enough to draw blood, but enough to jolt the trainer awake.

Itigus gasped, and sat up straight, breathing heavily. Just moments before, he had believed that he had been reliving his past. Such night terrors had been common for him, but they had become more, and more frequent without any rhyme or reason.

Itigus scratched the Mightyena behind its ear, "Thanks, Ajax." He praised, swinging his feet off the bed, and burying his face in his hands. He remembered the dream vividly.

It had all started normal, a good dream about him, and his Pokemon. Training, battling, and helping each other out. It had been quite a pleasant dream before things had taken a darker turn. Before he had known it, all of his Pokemon had disappeared, leaving a single entity facing away from him.

It seemed familiar, but in this dream state he couldn't figure out what it was. As he'd moved closer, and reached out to grab the Pokemon, his hand went through. The world around him had grown pitch black, and he felt as though he was falling. When the world appeared before him again, he could only see a gravestone in front of him.

There was no question who the grave belonged to, now that Itigus thought about it. He had heard the words, "You let me die." Over, and over, and over again at that point. The trainer had thought that he had long since moved on, but something had brought it back into the forefront of his psyche.

Ajax nudged his arm, attempting to comfort its trainer. To this, Itigus smiled, and hugged the Pokemon. "Just a bad dream." he said simply before feeling a chill run down his spine as he looked out the window.

In the pitch black moonless night a figure stood below a flickering street light. As the light illuminated the figure Itigus felt his heart stop. An Infernape stood under the light, a jagged bloody wound torn across its neck. Itigus was paralyzed, feeling as though he might throw up. As the light flickered, the Pokemon vanished.

Itigus looked around frantically, only to see that Ajax was nowhere to be found. "You left me..." he heard a voice speak out from behind him in a raspy strangled tone. The trainer whipped his head around to see the Infernape staring him directly in the face. "Why?" The infernape asked bending its neck at an unnatural angle. The trainer stuttered, his voice strangled by fear. The Pokemon bared its teeth, "WHY!?"

Itigus gasped for air as he felt his eyes open. He sat up in his bed, only to see Ajax sleeping peacefully next to him as the sun peaked above the horizon.
Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that his Pokedex was turned on; as if it had scanned something.

Pokemon No.491: Darkrai
Folklore has it that on moonless nights, this Pokémon will make people see horrific nightmares.