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A long time ago, in a Hype far far away...

by CombuskenBrazil

HNI_0093.JPG HNI_0083.JPG
CombuskenBrazil Yeah. Star Wars fan here.
Well, there are Star Wars fans on the entire galaxy!...

Meh, sorry for that.
WELL, yeah, I'm very happy for what is coming!
Not just me, but a lot of people too!

And, the best thing is: "Awakened" some friends "Nerd Side"!

Sorry for that again.

But, actually, my favorite "episode" were the Clone Wars.
Not exactly a episode, 'cause it doesn't happens on the films...
At least, just a bit.

Aaand, as everyone should know, those Cartoon Network series are very hard to watch.
Yeah, at least, in Brazil.

WELL (man, how many WELLs I wrote on my Creative Corner descriptions?)
Let's say about this saber!

It's kinda different, it does not work with a button, or whatever the other sabers uses to turn on, but, it uses a trigger... or whatever I can call this (translating is hard!)

You might be asking (or not):
"But, if someone tries to throw it on the enemies, how it gonna be active?"

If you're asking, I answer:
"Using the force, to activate it! C'mon, you think those jedi guys don't use the force to throw a lightsaber?!"

(And, how may times I wrote gigantic descriptions? Seriously, I love so much to write :p)

But, who wields it?
Maybe a Rebel? Maybe a Jedi?
Maybe a CLONE?
No. Not a Clone. They're so cool for this hippie weapon.

After nine years of development, I finished this description.
Thanks, now have fun.

(Any English error, warn me)