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A Hero Born (1.Rare Pokemon?)

by ToukoBR

ToukoBR After Touko and Touya know Bianca's Pokemon they back to the Route 1 and found a rare Pokemon,the unique on that forest.
Bianca showed her Pokemon to Touko and Touya.Its a Sunflora!
- Cheren found her and battled with she.He catched and he gave to me. - Bianca said. - Now i take care of she!
Touya eyes twinkled - Wow this is amazing!A flower Pokemon!
- Exactly Touya!-Touko smiled.
They back to the forest and,a voice echoed through the trees:
- Rioooo...
Bianca stopped walking.
- Hey,did you listened that?
- What? - Touko looked to Bianca.
Snivy got scared and stopped walking.
A strong wind blew through the trees.
- Lulululu RIOOOO! - The Pokemon screamed and hit Snivy.
- SNIIIIIIIIVY! - She fell to the ground.
The Pokemon tried to hit she again,but it missed.
- Snivy what is happening?! - Touko screamed.
The mysterious Pokemon stopped.
- Luuuu...
- Hey,what is that Pokemon? - Bianca asked and taked the Pokedex.

[Riolu,the Emanation Pokemon.It has the peculiar power of being able to see emotions such as joy and rage in the form of waves.]

- I never see this Pokemon before! - Touya said surprised. - Its seens rare!I gonna catch it.
Touko blocked the way.
- No!He chose me,so i wanna battle with him!
- Riolu... - He got surprised - Riorio!

*The battle started*

Hidden among the trees,a person looked at the battle that was about to begin.
- Who is that girl?Why this Pokemon chose her to a battle? - The person asked confused -Ugh,nevermind,i need stop it!I wont will let humans and Pokemons stay together,i will separe it!

*Who is that guy?The first person who answer right will get a draw from me of anything related in there:pokemon,Undertale,Furrys,Animals or a OC*
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