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OC doodles/drawings: A Few New Characters

by NightRaven

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NightRaven Here are a few new characters I created because I got a bit bored (The Puffin Browser decided to ruin everything so now I have to make the paragraph long descriptions again...)

Hawk- Hawk is a dark brown tabby tom with icy blue eyes, white paws, underfur, tail-tip, and ear tips. Being based on Erin Hunter's Hawkfrost, he wanders the Dark Forest. He has attacked many out of no where, catching them by surprise. Of course, being careless of his new enemies, he has had a few close-calls, but he still usually won; until it came to a certain few cats. He has tried to lead Aya onto the path of the Dark Forest, but failed to fool her. (First image)

Bracken- Bracken is a dark ginger tabby tom with amber eyes. He has taken a large role in Aya's life, being a close friend of her father, Storm, but soon murdering her parents and taking her siblings. When he was younger, he was teased for being different, but Storm helped him through. The two were like brothers, until Bracken snapped and murdered them. He has vanished and has yet to be found... (Second image)

Zora- Zora is a light grey tabby she-cat with green eyes. She was once a silent traveler and she has wandered many different countries. She soon wanted to make her way back home, but she was attacked on her way. Knowing she would take her own life, she did something her enemy didn't expect; when the enemy charged, she dug her claws into their shoulders and stopped them from going over the edge of the cliff—but then, she fell backwards on purpose, killing them both. The silent tabby now wanders StarClan, where she watches over her friends. (Third image)

Grey- Grey is a grey thick-furred tom with darker paws, a silver tail-tip, and white ear-tips as well as amber eyes. He was a wanderer and a rather careless one, too. He had almost died a few times, but always got away just barely. He always almost gets killed and has gotten used to it over the years, still surviving everything around him. He still wanders to this day. (Fourth image)

Pine- Pine is a dark brown tom with dark green eyes and a white tail-tip, as well as a long scar over his shoulder. He's a thief, taking whatever he can find around him from others. He always gets away with it, just avoiding being caught. He's been a thief so long, he is able to take pretty much anything, and hide the evidence. He still wanders to this day. (Fifth image)

Jay- Jay is a very thin blue-grey tom with blue eyes with a torn ear. He was once a traveler who helped others when he met them. Soon, though, he was oddly driven to insanity. He usually is found saying things that don't seem to make sense at first...but in the end, they find out what the old tom was really saying. He still wanders to this day. (Sixth image)

Hawk, Bracken, Zora, Grey, Pine and Jay belong to @NightRaven