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A Dark Nights Battle

by DemonMew

DemonMew Sorry it took a while to upload this drawing in colour, I have been really busy with uni and have been pretty down since my goldfish passed away. I really miss her. But I promised you guys a story with this so here ya go :D:p

The night sky was jet black, no stars where to be seen and the new moon hung barely visible in the oily black sky. There was a bitter cold chill in the air and the forest was shrouded in thick eerie fog. One could faintly hear the Noctowl hooting in the distance. Fear of the dark bestowed the hearts of many, but one. Mewtwo loved the night, he found peace in the darkest hours. Usually Mew joined him as she enjoyed the beauty of the night too, but this time he told her not to follow him for he knew that danger was approaching. Mewtwo cared a great deal for Mew, though he would never admit it to her or to himself for that matter. Deep down, however, he loved her and she also loved him but they both remained silent in fear of rejection or in Mewtwo's case, looking weak.
Mewtwo bolted through the forest, flying at an unbelievable speed, he could sense that someone or something was chasing him. He carried on gliding through the woods until suddenly, a harsh bold of blinding light struck him, sending him crashing to the ground. Although he landed awkward and was a little dazed, Mewtwo was able to get back up again to see who struck him. In the sky above him he could see a group of air ships and on the ground there were 4 high-tech land rovers, all with a familiar symbol, the classic red "R" of Team Rocket. Grunts gathered on the ground surrounding him with their Pokemon released and guns out ready to attack. A familiar voice called from the main air ship, "We meet again, Mewtwo!".
"Giovanni?" Mewtwo questioned "I thought I mind wiped you and the rest of your scum-bags!".
"You may have wiped our memories, but you did not wipe the files we had on you!" Giovanni explained, "for a highly intelligent Pokemon you really can be stupid sometimes!" he laughed. "Our memories came back as soon as we looked at the footage of you we took back when we created you! And now we are going catch you!".
"Not a chance, fancy pants!" Mewtwo smirked. "I kicked your sorry ass once, I can do it again!"
"You will be lucky!" Giovanni replied, "I have the perfect Pokemon to go up against you as well as technology to deal with you, go Arceus!".
A great bright light illuminated the dark night sky as the fabulous Alpha Pokemon appeared and struck Mewtwo with a mighty blast of dark energy. Mewtwo was sent flying back, smashing into a distant tree.
"Bastard!!!" he yelled, "How did you get such a Pokemon to obey you? No matter, I can still take him down!".
"We are Team Rocket, we can achieve everything, something you will find if you join me!" Giovanni boasted, "Arceus, use Dragon Claw!".
The titanic Pokemon screeched as it charged at Mewtwo, claws forming on his front legs. Mewtwo dodged the attack, released his claws and pounced on Arcues, sinking them in deep into the back of the Pokemon's neck. Arceus let out a blood curdling scream as Mewtwo released his claws and then swiped the God-like Pokemon with a fire punch and then a psyshock attack.
"Arceus! You useless sack of shit, use flame charge and blast that over-grown pussy cat off you!" Giovanni shouted angrily.
Arceus grunted in annoyance at his new master, but obeyed and charged into the sky in a blaze. Mewtwo yelled in pain as the flames singed his fur and flesh. He jumped off the Alpha Pokemon and flew in pursuit of Arceus. Using his psychic power, Mewtwo charged through the flames Arceus was producing and tackled him in the chest with a powerful psyshock. Blood spewed out of Arceus' mouth with the force of the mighty blow. In retaliation, Arceus charged into Mewtwo using extreme speeds sending him crashing into the forest floor. Mewtwo could feel his ribs shatter with the force. In sheer agony, he yelled out, but he wasn't gonna let Team Rocket or Arceus beat him. By this point, the two of them were both covered with blood and shacking with adrenaline. Arceus struck Mewtwo once again with a slash, Mewtwo jumped back, but Arceus' claw still gashed Mewtwo on his forehead. Blood slowly oozed out of the wound and trickled down Mewtwo's face.
"Do you think you can defeat me?" Mewtwo laughed harshly "It has been an interesting battle, Arceus, but now I must end it, you are beginning to bore me!"
With that, Mewtwo's violet eyes shone a bright fairy blue colour as psychic energy filled the clearance in the forest. Arceus panicked as the energy surrounded him, screeching violently as searing pain filled his entire body.
"I would not normally do this to a fellow legendary Pokemon as we are so rare, but you have pissed me off something awful!" Mewtwo said as he coughed up thick dark red blood. "For siding with Team Rocket, I shall use all my power destroy you now! Only I am the most powerful Pokemon here and you cannot defeat me!"
The light surrounding the area grew more intense as Arceus' flesh and bone blasted apart. Arceus' limbs flew across the forest floor with the force of Mewtwo's psychic power. Arceus let out a blood curdling scream with the pain and fainted in a bloody pool.
"What?? How did you beat the Alpha Pokemon?" Giovanni asked with obvious irritability in his voice.
"You should know, you created me!" Mewtwo huffed "This must mean I can go now! You have messed up my fur and I would kill for a hot bath at the minute!".
"NOT SO FAST!" Giovanni shouted, "You may have defeated this pathetic Arceus, but that does not mean I will not catch you! If you dare fly away, we shall blast you out of the sky with our rocket launchers!"
"You really are pathetic!" Mewtwo said wiping blood away from his mouth, "You just watched the ultimate battle and lost, yet you will use any desperate measure to enslave me!I shall not let that happen!".
With that, Mewtwo flew up high in the air.
"Oh no you don't!" Giovanni yelled, "FIRE!!!".
Mewtwo, did his best to dodge the bullets, but he was already weak from his battle with Arceus and needed immediate treatment of his wounds. Rocket launchers flew in the air faster than any Pokemon could fly. Mewtwo managed to dodge those knowing that he would be out cold for sure (if not dead) if one hit him. Bullets flew through the air and tore right through Mewtwo's flesh, blood flying everywhere. Mewtwo cried out in pain, but he was determined to get away. He promised himself for a long time that he would never be a slave to the humans, especially not Team Rocket!
Mewtwo fought back with a powerful fury of psychic powers, tearing apart many of Giovanni's henchmen like an angry child ripping up paper. Blood, guts and limbs flew everywhere. Mewtwo felt bad about killing those humans, they were only doing their job to feed themselves and their families, but Mewtwo had to do what he could to survive and escape. He U-turned mid-air and charged at Giovanni, it was him who had to be destroyed! In a moment of cowardice, Giovanni seen the psychic cat Pokemon charge at him in a firestorm of fury, and ran for the airship.
"Retreat!!!" He yelled to what was left of his minions as he headed for the airship.
Mewtwo aimed a powerful shadowball at Giovanni, but missed as Giovanni boarded the airship. The ship then took off and darted top speed in the safety of the far away night!
Mewtwo figured it would be best to make a break for it too as some of Giovanni's men still lingered, angry at their fallen comrades. He flew high in the sky and off towards the mountain in the faraway distance, still bleeding from the battle wounds. He needed medical help soon, else he would bleed out. He took shelter in a cave and awaited some of his closest Pokemon friends to come and help him recover, though he did not want Mew to find him, she was a huge worry-wart after all. As he waited in the safety of his cave, Mewtwo watched the sun rise and wished he had caught up to Giovanni and finished him off. With this, he then fell into a deep sleep.