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6 Favourite Pokemon

by Fearless Froakie

Fearless Froakie
After thinking long about this, I have come to the conclusion that my favourite 6 are as followed:
1.Snorlax (because he is a beast in pvp)
2.Furfrou (great design and great counter for gardevoir)
3.Mega-Loppuny (amazing all around)
4.Scolipede (can become the fastest pokemon on the field)
5.Diggersby (I loved him in the anime and he can be a powerful monster)
6.Entei (it's design and I wanted to include a legendary)
If you agree with anything I have said the comment which is your favourite pokemon. Thanks.
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  1. Fearless Froakie
    Fearless Froakie
    If you enjoyed reading this then make sure to give me any ideas on what I can do next time, also if you have anything u could improve don't be afraid to tell me. Thanks for reading.
    Sep 13, 2016
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