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A Pokemon Life for Me: ~ 6 ~ A New Friend

by ekatsu

ekatsu Today you shall see a new member of the team ya boi lel............

I'm so lonely forever alone..
So there you have it. Piper decided to travel with us! We battled every now and then, and get this! Chikorita evolved! She's a bayleef now. I was in my Pokeball when it happened so I couldn't even see!How unfair is that?! So here we were, walking along... when BAM! A Machop popped up!
"Go! Quilava, use ember! Fire types are strong to fighting types!"
So I blasted him with fire, we battled, etc. Then she caught him with a Great Ball. How fancy!
Then we decided to go at the gym.
Gym leader Falkner was an easy badge. Our first gym! She didn't even let me take out a pidgey, how pathetic, but I might have fainted at the Pidgeotto. How mad I was! I could've defeated Falkner. But she let Pikachu and Machop try their hand. They did great, obviously, they had type advantages. Machop was fighting and
And Pikachu, well,
So we got the Zephyr Badge! He gave us TM51, roost. He says its useful to Flying Pokémon.
I feel bad for Piper and her Pokémon, they didn't win. Bayleef was weak to them and Eevee didn't even wanna come out.