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1st Night On The Job

by King Miles

King Miles This is about a trainer and his Froakie Keeping watch of the Family friendly wonderland Of Ursaring's Pizzeria But They Need To Survive 5 Nights To Get Their Payment
Chris and Froakie were reading the newspaper for job applications.But some need much skill. Until Froakie found a job that requires no skill. Then said "Froa,kie,kie,kie," Froakie called. Then Chris found the Job and read it. He then said to Froakie "Come on we need to get ready for our new job," Said Chris to Froakie then they both went to their job.
It was 12 in the morning Chris and Froakie were at their station and then the phone rang. Chris Answered and said "Hello?" "Uhh... Hello,Hello ,Hello Umm... I Want to send a message for you and your Froakie," Then the Guy On The Phone Explained Everything then Chris Hung Up the phone. He Checked The Cameras One Of The Pokemon Animatronics Were Gone It Was Bonnie the Whismur He Was no where to be found. He rested the tablet and checked the lights,Bonnie Was at the West Side "Ahhhh!!!!!" Screamed Chris and Froakie.Then Chris Recovered and Closed the West Door Then Started Breath Frantically.
It Was 5 A.M. Chris wanted his Job to Be Over. But then Bonnie And Chica the Psyduck Were Blocking Both His Doors. He Closed Both Of Them And Prayed That The Power Would Stay On. When The Power Was At 1 % It Was 6 A.M. Chris' Shift was over. He And Froakie Exited and Waited For The Next Night

To Be Continued...
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