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10 Things: 10 Facts you Probably Didn't know about Midnight

by Peachy Ace

Peachy Ace Thanks @WolfyPop for this idea. This is the first in the series and I will post one for each of my OC's.
1. Everyone knows Midnight is heterosexual, but that wanst always the case. Back when he was young he was intrested in both genders, until an incident where Midnight witnissed a drunk, grown up, male Arcanine raping a defenseless deerling. It was over before it began, and Midnight was mentally scared with that image burned into his mind wherever someone says Homosexual, which means he gets uncomfortable when around his brother 'Red' who is homosexual.

2. Midnight has a fanbase. Midnight wasn't pretty popular while he was younger, but, being the first to evolve out of most eevee, put him in easy street. Both small and young eevee along with already evolved eeveelutions would admire him, although this did creep him out when he found a link to his fanbase website, which were loaded with pictures of him and some of his friends. This scares him to this day, that he may have an fan just stalking him in plain sight.

3. Midnight has almost been killed by his own brother. Once while swimming in a pool, his younger brother 'Red' didn't really know how to swim, but he jumped into the water anyway, and realising his mistake, he paniced. He quickly jumped onto Midnight, and paniced. While doing this, he continuously pushed MMidnight's head into the water, giving him almost no air what so ever. Luckily a life guard came by and pulled Red off of Midnight, saving both brothers. Midnight hates Red for this, and will refuse to swim in the water if Red will do the same.

4. Midnight almost killed someone else once. When they were young, while playing around at a sawmill, 'Cotton' one of Midnight's childhood friends, jumped onto a conveyor belt. Their were small walls surrounding the belt so that wood wouldn't fly around the place. While Midnight was looking around, he pressed a Red button near the conveyor belt, causing Cotton to move backwards while on the conveyor belt. It was pretty funny, until Midnight hit a second button, which activated the moving saw. Cotton was already dangerously close when Midnight activated it, so she was only a second or two from getting buzz sawed. Luckily she was able to run away on time. The saw cut off a pretty big amount of fur from her tail. After that, the two never went their again.

5. Midnight saved someone's life! Surprising, is it not? While on a walk home, he and his friend Amethyst, they soon reached their neighborhood, where Midnight's house was only a block away. While on the way, Amethyst was crossing the two were crossing the street, before a Van came out of nowhere at top speeds. The man in the Van was obliviously drunk. They were only 1 or 2 seconds away from being run over, before Midnight noticed the truck. He started to run away, but accidentally bumped into Amethsyt, pushing the both out of the way, except some of Midnight's tail, which was ran over, leading to a trip to the hospital. Thankfully, he was fine, and the Drunken Man was sued. To this day, he quickly runs across any place of transport.

6. Midnight has the instincts of a bodyguard. Midnight always feels much more alive when trying to protect someone, this gives him a sense of security and thrill, which kinda became a hobby for him. And he proudly accepts that.

7. Midnight was seperated by his parents at birth. At birth, his parent's accidentally grabbed another Shiny Eevee, thinking Midnight was the only Shiny Eevee at the nursery. They grabbed the other shiny, while a pair of a Flareon and Luxray grabbed him. It was only 10 minutes when Midnight's parents noticed the Shiny they picked up was Female, and not male like the doctors told them. They were able to track down the other couple and swap the babies before anyone got hurt.

8. Midnight works in a Daycare. In his sparetime on Floccesy Ranch, Midnight takes care of all the young pokemon on the ranch, or takes care of pokemon left for him. While he doesn't enjoy while their awake, while their asleep it's a whole other story. All the baby pokemon pile up on Midnight and sleep, also providing Midnight comfort, which is the best part of his day.

9. Midnight is terrified of Ditto. One day, Midnight's trainer 'Diamond' placed him in a daycare service, but along with a Ditto. So while Midnight and the Ditto were at the Ranch, while Midnight was sleeping, the Ditto slowly creeped up on him. He woke up on time to see this and backed away from the ditto. This caused in a chase scenario for an hour until Diamond came back. Since that whenever he hears Ditto, he will hide for his life.

10. Midnight has a non biological child, 2 actually. The first child being Quote the Shiny Zorua and the other being Mika the Alolan Vulpix. Midnight found Quote hanging on for dear life near a cliffside. Midnight managed to save him. Once Quote told him how he had no parents, and it's been that way for 8 years now, Midnight took care of Quote, and he didn't seem to mind. While Midnight raised Mika while she was an egg. He was given Mika's egg from an Alolan Ninetales, who claimed she didn't care for it, forcing Midnight to take care of it till it hatched. Mika refers to Midnight as Dada and to 'Phoenix' (@WolfyPop ) as Mama.
  1. Peachy Ace
    Peachy Ace
    Lol, I saw it :3
    Apr 29, 2017
  2. WolfyPop
    By the way, I did Napoleon just then, not Dakota :p
    Apr 29, 2017
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  3. WolfyPop
    =3 Cool. I'm most likely going to be doing Dakota next ^^
    Apr 29, 2017
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