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Random Facts: 10 Facts About Raven

by WolfyPop

1. Because Scourge and Cyber are brothers, and Scourge is Raven's father, Cyber is her uncle.

2. Raven was in love with Yuri, but after Fahren joined the Tribe, she started having feelings for him.

3. The closest friend to Raven is Fahren.

4. Raven loves running through the forest.

5. Raven is very close to her father.

6. She was alive for a whole two months before her mother died.

7. Raven is quite kind for her lifestyle.

8. She loves collecting feathers, her favourite one, a Raven feather with light blue tips, was given to Fahren by her.

9. Raven is one of the fastest in her Tribe

10. If she could be anything, she'd want to be by Fahren's side.
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  1. Il Fantasma
    Il Fantasma
    *reads the last one*

    *tries not to die from cute*
    Jul 18, 2017
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