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10 Facts about Bellona the Zangoose

by Lord Of Pain

Lord Of Pain Time for bell to be in the limelight this time!
1# bellona's egg was found by a Seviper who was hunting for food, he took the egg to his pack's nest and told everyone he will raise her to spy on other Zangooses (zangeese?) For them, however his wife planned to raise her as her child rather than a spy, so she pretty much caused the divorce of her adoptive parents before she even hatched....

2# Bellona was bullied a lot in her childhood by other Sevipers of her age in the pack, all except for her childhood friend and current boyfriend Phobos the Seviper

3# Bell one's original name was Lila, but in this pack all hatchlings who kill their first prey during their first week of life have their name changed to that of a god or goddess of war, Bellona being the roman goddess of war, and her first prey being a Gumshoos

4# Bellona's golden claws are a unique trait she was born with, and she takes pride in them

5# Bellona and Phobos are a couple and love each other since they grew up together and did everything together, however the Seviper pack and some Zangeese *cough* Zypher ( @Arcaena ) *cough* either don't approve or are very shocked about this

6# though Bellona is close friends with Zamic and his gang this should not be mistaken to her being part of Zamic's gang, she is part of a trio called the divine trio

7# Bellona loves Sour gummy candy and starbucks' Decaff Caramel Frappuccino, in fact she uses Valentines' day, her birthday and any sleepover she holds at her home as an excuse to buy them

8# bellona's Bravery is often confused with stupidity as she always wants to go into battles with the odds against her, like the time she wanted to fight 2 garchomps in a 2 vs 1, or when she wanted to fight a gyarados in his own turf, or when- *continues listing off dangerous one sided scenarios* - good thing she is always stopped before these things happen...

9# bellona takes such good care of her soft fur hugging her is like wearing a warm fuzzy bathrobe fresh from the dryer, she loves bragging about it buy doesn't like exaggerating about it like Phobos who compares it to Mega Altaria's Fluff... dude even she says it isnt that soft so stop using that comparison..... its getting annoying...

10# though she is a good hunter she isn't that good of a cook so she just cooks some basic meals, nothing too fancy or elaborate​