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Ask Twilight's OCs and Characters: #1-Fierce

by Twilight Nova

Twilight Nova @NightRaven asked Crow- (from her OC Raven, so technically Raven asked)

If you could look like any cat, who would you look like?


"Any cat, as long as you're happy. (Sabastion. He's so fierce and I'm so fluffy!)"
  1. Twilight Nova
    Twilight Nova
    No prob! It's alright, I won't get many asks. Your could tag people on the original post who you think would be interested 030 if you want to @NightRaven
    Dec 20, 2015
  2. NightRaven
    ^^ Thank you for answering, @Twilight Nova ! ^^ I may or may not have another question for you later on.
    Dec 20, 2015
    Twilight Nova likes this.