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Pokemon Rhodochrosite! My Fan-Made Pokemon Game!: #036: Pharaoheon

by JojoMaker

JojoMaker Jeez I forgot I putted the most detail on Pharaoheon than any other Pokemon I made,

But Anyways.

#036 Pharaoheon: The Pharaoh Pokemon

Type: Ground/Ghost
Type (In case form): Steel/Ground

People in Ancient times said that Pharaoheon was a horrifying Pokemon, But in reality and today, It's a nice Pokemon who likes to help out, sure, the snake might be intimidating, but the Pokemon is a good Pokemon.

Cursed Body, Sand Force, Sand Stream,
Break out: It comes out in Case Form, which is Steel/Ghost, when hit by a Physical Move, It goes into Regular Mode, Which is Ground/Ghost

HP: 103
ATK: 97
DEF: 110
DEF (In case Form): 98
SP. ATK: 100
Sp. DEF: 50
SPD: 120
Total: 580 (In regular form)
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