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Aetheria Guides and Lore

by Gamefreak1996

  • Gamefreak1996

    Aetheria: A Beginner's Guide, Introduction, Equipment and Classes by Gamefreak1996

    #Roleplay #Guide #Aetheria

    Feb 9, 2017 2,809 words 3 Likes
  • Gamefreak1996

    Aetheria: A Beginner's Guide; NPCs and Geography of Aetheria by Gamefreak1996

    The next chapter to the Guidebook to Aetheria, discussing the NPCs and Geography of Aetheria, including it's locations and inhabitants.

    Feb 15, 2017 1,227 words 1 Like
  • Gamefreak1996

    Aetheria Lore: The Beginning by Gamefreak1996

    The in-game stories of how Aetheria came to be. All worlds have a beginning, and that even goes for virtual worlds. And this is the story of Aetheria's beginning. Note: The following tale is a story from the game within my RP: Aetheria: Kingdom of the Dragons, and is not a real world piece of mythology.

    Feb 19, 2017 583 words 1 Like
  • Gamefreak1996

    Aetheria: A Beginner's Guide: UPDATE! v:1.1 by Gamefreak1996

    New update to the RP game Aetheria: Kingdom of the Dragons

    Feb 19, 2017 277 words 1 Like
  • Gamefreak1996

    Aetheria: A Beginner's Guide: UPDATE! v:1.2 by Gamefreak1996

    Another new update has graced us with it's presence, with loads of new content available!

    Mar 5, 2017 1,606 words 2 Likes