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Adventures Through Friedon Region!

by Yoshiblaze

  • Yoshiblaze

    Nolan's Adventure Through The Friedon Region! - Part 1 by Yoshiblaze

    Nolan, a 4th-wall breaking, Pokemon-battling, wise-cracking 13 year old starts on his journey through the Friedon Region! And, oh boy, is it crazy! And, maybe cliche, but LET'S DO IT!~ Nolan

    Feb 29, 2016 871 words 2 Likes
  • Yoshiblaze

    Nolan's Adventure Through Friedon! - Part 1.5 by Yoshiblaze

    After the run-in with the Green Man, Nolan has saved Prof. Palm! Now he can officially begin his journey, but... well, let's just say, DISASTER strikes! In Part 2... ~ Narrator

    Mar 2, 2016 531 words 1 Like
  • Yoshiblaze

    Nolan's Adventure Through Friedon!: Enter Disaster! by Yoshiblaze

    After Nolan kickstarted his adventure by catching a Kricketot, he starts traveling, seeking his first Gym Badge. But, as I teased last time, he comes across... A DISASTER! ~ Narrator

    Mar 6, 2016 600 words 1 Like
  • Yoshiblaze

    Nolan's Adventure Through Friedon!: ABSOL-ute Disaster (Part 3) by Yoshiblaze

    Last time, Nolan defeated his new rival, Jacoby, in an ACTION PACKED BRAWL FOR THE AGES! Well, not really, but *STATIC* ... ... What the? Wh-what's going on! "Step aside, narrator, this is MY part" Wh-what do you mean? This is MY job, and you can't change- "Ab... SOL!"... ... .. . "He won't be back for awhile" ~ Disaster

    May 15, 2016 1,131 words
  • Yoshiblaze

    Nolan's Adventure Through Friedon!: The Very Best? (Part 4) by Yoshiblaze

    After getting destroyed by the loud mouthed and cocky Disaster and her Absol, Nolan rethinks his life choices.... if he was SOME BABY. We move on just as planned,chop chop! ~ Nola- I mean Narrator

    May 19, 2016 600 words
  • Yoshiblaze

    Nolan's Adventure Through Friedon: A Stream That Leads to Success! (Part 5) by Yoshiblaze

    Dear gosh, what a horrible pun in the title. Anyways, after making to Wachstream Town, Nolan is more hyped than ever to get his adventure rolling. However, his plans are delayed, just a little... ~ Narrator

    Jun 24, 2016 1,061 words