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Trophies Awarded to Red_The_Champion


  1. Cry, Sem, Cry /></div>
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    Awarded: Apr 12, 2017

    Cry, Sem, Cry 20 Points

    Post 222 messages.

  2. Padawan /></div>
	<div class=
    Awarded: Apr 5, 2017

    Padawan 10 Points

    Post 100 messages.

  3. Young One /></div>
	<div class=
    Awarded: Apr 2, 2017

    Young One 10 Points

    Post 50 messages.

  4. Welcome to Pokécharms! /></div>
	<div class=
    Awarded: Apr 1, 2017

    Welcome to Pokécharms! 5 Points

    Post a message in our forums.

  5. Creative Corner

  6. Beginner's Writing /></div>
	<div class=
    Awarded: Apr 3, 2017

    Beginner's Writing 5 Points

    Upload a piece of writing into the Creative Corner.

  7. Creative Corner Comments

  8. I Have an Opinion /></div>
	<div class=
    Awarded: May 2, 2017

    I Have an Opinion 5 Points

    Leave your first comment on a Creative Corner work.

  9. Trainer Card Maker

  10. Official Pokémon Trainer /></div>
	<div class=
    Awarded: Mar 25, 2017

    Official Pokémon Trainer 5 Points

    Save a Trainer Card to your profile.


  12. Senpai Likes Me /></div>
	<div class=
    Awarded: May 1, 2017

    Senpai Likes Me 10 Points

    Receive 10 Likes.

  13. Me Gusta /></div>
	<div class=
    Awarded: Mar 26, 2017

    Me Gusta 5 Points

    Receive a Like.

  14. Your Profile

  15. Part of the Furniture /></div>
	<div class=
    Awarded: Nov 22, 2019

    Part of the Furniture 20 Points

    Be a member of Pokécharms for two years.

  16. 'Charms Anniversary /></div>
	<div class=
    Awarded: Jun 19, 2018

    'Charms Anniversary 10 Points

    Be a member of Pokécharms for a whole year.

  17. You're Old! /></div>
	<div class=
    Awarded: May 28, 2017

    You're Old! 10 Points

    Celebrate a birthday on Pokécharms.

  18. Looking Good! /></div>
	<div class=
    Awarded: Apr 1, 2017

    Looking Good! 5 Points

    Upload an avatar to your profile.