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Well. If you're wondering where the Christmas Competition like last year's Wishing Nights is, it's right here. Only, it's a year end competition. This is the Charms Quote Competition.

We chose this style of competition because the Chat Log had so many great quotes, and they were sitting there doing nothing. That was our inspiration for this competition this year. These quotes are staff favourites, so they represent most of the Staff here quite well. Hopefully you'll find them just as amusing as we did.

This will last one week, from Christmas Eve (today) until New Year's Eve (midnight Pacific Standard Time). Winners will be revealed shortly following.

Check out the rest at the bottom of the topic after the comment jump. :)
(Wtf, news entry from Stel?)

Technically, it's been the 24th here for two hours, but as I don't personally celebrate Christmas, and midnight just rolled into the dwellers of the GMT timezone, I figured this would be as good a time as any to post my little Christmas gift to the entire community.

Happy holidays of any sort you may be celebrating or trying to avoid, and beware the green cheese at midnight! ^^
Sorry for the complete lack of notice about this - but something's been going awry in the script that's supposed to remove the trainer cards automatically after a month and they haven't been getting wiped as they should.

As such, the folder's now filling up the server and we're running out of space 'cos of it. I'll look into why the script's being utter fail as soon as I get the chance, but for now I've purged the entire card folder.

Again, apologies for the inconvenience but hopefully the trouble wont happen again.

Huzzah! A new Charms Showcase entry, but this time not from me. All of the credit goes to our beloved member, Database (we love you, Data! XP). Database offered to do a member interview of his own based around Charms' story writers, and I was more than happy to accept. Since this one wasn't done by me, I waved my rule of only showcasing non-staff members. So, here you are. Hope everyone enjoys it - and here's hoping there's more like these in the future. ~ Linkachu

One thing that always fascinated me about 'Charms was the amount of writing talent we have - so I decided to talk to some of our accomplished writers and ask them a few questions about their fics, and how they write them. First up is Sem, the writer of one of my most favourite fics...

The confirmation we've been waiting for has finally arrived in the form of a Nintendo of America press release. See the Full Story for complete details, which includes a partial list of upcoming Wii and DS games (all dates subject to change).

The short is that Pokemon Platinum has indeed been slated for North American release March 22nd, 2009. It looks like the rest of the details included in the previous update were probably true as well, as Nintendo has also used the term "Distortion World".

So, yeah. For anyone who was holding out, be sure to mark this date on your calender (barring delays). Sadly, I've yet to see any information related to non-NA releases, but we'll bring you that news as soon as we can.
Hopefully, the new design and various upgrades to go with it will be online possibly by the end of next week (or at some point before Christmas at any rate), so the forums will be changing to the new design too.

As you will have noticed, the forums are now fixed in width on the new design and as such there is now approximately 200 or so pixels less width available for your signatures before they start stacking vertically and become obscenely large. (For most people on a 1024x786 screen)

If you're unsure whether or not your signature will do so once the new design goes live - post here to check, and if you're still not sure, other people can decide for you.

When the new design goes live - regardless of whether you decide to continue using the old forum design in its place as a personal preference - your signature must conform to fitting neatly within this design. If it doesn't, you will receive a warning and have your signature removed.

Ideally, the maximum height of...

I'm not the type of person who likes to report unconfirmed information (I enjoy my official press releases), but considering how frequent leaks happen in the gaming industry it's worth sharing the news.

Pokemon Platinum has received a tentative US release date: March 22nd, 2009. Our current source is these guys, Circuit City, which also shares a few new English names. The alternate world seen in Platinum has been dubbed the "Distortion World" (not a huge difference from the current translations we've been using), Team Galactic's new scientist shall be known as "Charon", and the undercover agent who plays a large role in the new plot has been given the codename "Looker".

Again, I'll be waiting on my press release before completely accepting these details, but do with them what...
So, that Darkrai event I mentioned here. Turns out it is Platinum only.

In addition, Platinum players can also download Oak's Letter. This item will let people get to Flower Paradise, where Shaymin lives. It will not activate the Glacidea Flower Key Item so Shaymin can change into its Sky Forme. This Shaymin, if you can obtain the said Key Item, will change into Sky Forme.

On the Ranger front, in the UK and US, the Darkrai Mission is available to download over the Wi-Fi. It's available till Januaray 31st of 2009. You can't start the mission until you're rank 10, but once you complete the mission, you can send Darkrai into your Diamond or Pearl game once.

Finally, on the Mystery Dungeon (Time and Darkness) front, two new missions to recruit Riolu and Burmy. You receive items for you time as well (Poison Jab, Hyper Beam, Courage Dust, and Steel Dust).

That's all. Anything thing else?
Yep, I got it. Thought I might as well post my review here, to kick the discussion off...


Sonic Unleashed
Platform: Xbox 360

There are many things in the world of videogames which split fans down the middle; Cel Shaded Zelda for example, but it is safe to say that the vast majority all agree that the run of 3D Sonic games over the past seven years have not been up to par. Although some are genuinely enjoyable games (namely the Adventure games), all have struggled with camera issues, each instalment has added more characters to the already expansive list and of course, every one introduces a brand new gameplay gimmick in an attempt to breath new life in to the Sonic franchise.

With that in mind, it was not a surprise when Sonic Unleashed did not receive a great deal of positive feedback when it was first revealed. The general view, which I myself partly shared, was of a game with yet another...

Wow, it's over 2 months since I last updated. Sorry about that, >_>

So, yeah. The main reason is that about a week after Platinum came out in Japan, I moved to England and started Uni here. Needless to say, I've spent much of the last two months settling in and getting into my Uni work.

Part of that Uni work has involved a lot of design practice - which is why you can now find me on DeviantArt at http://doctoroak.deviantart.com/ with my latest examples of designs for various things. This also includes web design, which brings me to the main point of this update.

I'm working on a new design for Pokecharms - and with it a lot of changes to the site. You can see a working example of the design here and how it will look on the forums here.

I make special...