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Wow, it's over 2 months since I last updated. Sorry about that, >_>

So, yeah. The main reason is that about a week after Platinum came out in Japan, I moved to England and started Uni here. Needless to say, I've spent much of the last two months settling in and getting into my Uni work.

Part of that Uni work has involved a lot of design practice - which is why you can now find me on DeviantArt at http://doctoroak.deviantart.com/ with my latest examples of designs for various things. This also includes web design, which brings me to the main point of this update.

I'm working on a new design for Pokecharms - and with it a lot of changes to the site. You can see a working example of the design here and how it will look on the forums here.

I make special...
As you can see, I've (after a LOT of frustation with SMF) got the new design working with the forums.

I've forced this forum to use this new skin to demonstrate how it will look when everything's done and dusted and to get feedback. Though, as it is, this is pretty much finalised - only minor aesthetic changes are possible to happen.