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[IMG align=right]http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w88/DoctorOak/PokeWalk.png[/img]As detailed in this week's Pokemon Sunday, HG/SS will come with a brand new device bundled in with the game called a PokéWalker.

The device is a pedometer that is reminiscent of the Pokemon Pikachu toys that were around at the same time as the original Gold and Silver and played a large part in the mystery gift process back then, too. It also keeps the basic monochromatic look - but seems to be in true black and white, rather than Gameboy green.

The major difference here, though, is that the PokéWalker will let you transfer one of your Pokemon from HG/SS, and as you walk it will gain experience and happiness points as you go about your daily business - effectively removing the obstacle of grinding within the game in the traditional sense.

Also featured are a few little extras - such as finding items while you walk, that you...
[img align=left]http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/f/f0/Pok%C3%A9mon_Scramble_logo_jp.png[/img] Going by the name "Melee! Pokemon Scramble," this WiiWare game will be available this month, June 16th for Japanese players to be exact, for a cost of 1500 Points. The game, graphically, is similar to Pokemon Ranch, although the gameplay couldn't be more different, as this game features multiple Pokemon doing battle in a fast-paced brawl that looks similar to the chaos that often took place in Nintendo's last game that had the word "Melee" in its title. Speaking of Melee, players can take screenshots of their Pokemon in action, much like you could in Melee and now Brawl.

The general gameplay is fairly standard for a game of this type: fight through numerous stages, each with their share of opponents, until finally reaching the boss Pokemon, which is sometimes Legendary, but is also sometimes just a giant version of a non-Legendary Pokemon. Other Pokemon can be acquired as the game...
[img align=right]http://www.pokecharms.com/random/DSlite_PKMNSE_large.png[/img]Maybe it's in return for slashing out parts of the game, or maybe it's just because Nintendo of Japan couldn't get rid of all their stock and shoved some over to Europe, but members of Nintendo Europe's Club Nintendo can, from today, get their hands on the Giratina Origin Forme DS Lite that was available in Japan last year.

The item does come with a notice that it's an imported DS - which will mean its warranty is probably useless - but it does come with a European charger and European manual, and of course, DS Lites are completely region free anyway.

The only problem? The cost. This bad boy will set you back 30000 stars. And given how people horde their stars just for items like this to come along, don't...
E3 is quickly coming, and with it comes the usual mounds of speculation. However, the fine, fine journalists at Destructoid took a novel approach: they consulted a psychic.

Check it out.

To summarize: The psychic did tarot readings of Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, detailing their current standings and where they will go in the future. Then, using pendulum readings, the psychic answered specific yes-or-no questions. Questions of note:

"Will Nintendo announce a new Star Fox game? The pendulum responds: Yes.
Wii it have online multiplayer support? The pendulum responds: No."

"Will a new Mega Man 2D side-scroller be announced? The pendulum responds: Yes."

"Will Square Enix announce the release date of Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days? The pendulum responds: Yes.
What about Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep? The pendulum responds: No.
Or better yet, will they announce Kingdom Hearts 3?...
[img align=right]http://www.pokecharms.com/random/9.jpg[/img]In a startling turn of events, it's been discovered that the Game Corner, a staple mini-game within the Pokemon series, has been nixed within the European release of Pokemon Platinum.

While the building is still within the game, and remains untouched, the machines can not be played. Instead, interacting with certain machines merely gives you between 5 and 20 coins similar to finding coins on the floor - you can only do this once every day, however. All references to actually playing the machines or winning money has also been removed.

Nintendo has made no indication concerning any reason why they have taken such a surprising step in this localisation, but we have reached out to them for an answer and will keep you updated if we can.

Now that such an act has happened, however, does this spell the end for the traditional Game Corner in the Pokemon games? Or are we just going to have to pay the "Living in Europe Tax" and...
[img align=right]http://www.pokecharms.com/random/havakchamp.jpg[/img]Well, the tournament is done and dusted and we're all thoroughly exhausted. However, in between the feet and back ache of standing up for 4 hours straight, a lot of fun was there to be had.

After a set of gruelling matches and an extremely close final however, a winner was decided, and that winner was forum member Havak. He takes home a certificate of his victory, a brand new copy of Pokemon Platinum, a Pokemon Platinum wallet, a £5 gift card for HMV and our secret Pokecharms prize.

A few weeks ago, the staff decided to come up with a unique prize for the tournament's winner - a specially trained Pokecharms Pokemon team. With Pokemon selected, trained and named after the staff traded over to the winner - after a quick battle, of course!

Of course, for those not in the tournament, those knocked out or those waiting for their battle, we also had a casual battle station set up and there was plenty of...
[img align=left]http://www.pokecharms.com/Layout09/v2/pokecharm.png[/img]Ok, the confirmation e-mails have been sent out. If you're coming down, make sure you got yours, 'cos if you didn't - you aren't on my list tomorrow. (Or your e-mail client ate it).

I'll include a copy of the confirmation in the topic below, but just to clarify a few things:

If you registered without a full team, didn't complete the form properly, included banned Pokemon, didn't supply a valid e-mail address or applied in spanish. Your entry was considered invalid and deleted.

Also, due to a coding error on my part, nobody's held items were registered - so they will all have to be registered tomorrow when your teams are checked off.

We wont be putting any names into the Tournament listing tomorrow until after 1pm. And it will be first-come, first-served. Due to the time it may take to put the first bracket together, the tournament itself may not start until closer to 2pm.

When you are...
[img align=right]http://www.pokecharms.com/gamesprites/dp_artwork/479-heat.png[/img]Today's the day Pokemon Platinum hits the shelves across the UK and Europe, and already Nintendo is on the ball with announcing the European Secret Key WiFi event - the first of its kind here in the UK/EU and hopefully the precedent-setter for the Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus and any future (*cough*Celebi*cough*) events.

Beginning on the 8th June, the Secret Key will be distributed over WiFi to all European copies of the game so long as you activate Mystery Gift and log onto the WiFi Mystery Gift option between then and the 19th July.

The Secret Key is a key item that allows you to access the basement in Team Galactic's Eterna City hideout. Interacting with the appliances there with Rotom in your team will make it take the form of that appliance - with all 5 forms coming with an exclusive attack relative to the type of appliance it takes possession of.

Instructions on how to get Rotom, the secret...
[img align=left]http://www.pokecharms.com/random/junichi_masuda5.jpg[/img]Speaking in Game Informer this month, Junichi Masuda - the director of Diamond and Pearl (and unconfirmed, but expected director of HG/SS) - explains that while Pokemon is an RPG, and that has never really changed, he's quite interested in adding a lot more to that.

Masuda has previously been asked in an interview with IGN, a few months before the announcement of HG/SS, about if there were any plans to overhaul or revamp the games after 4 Generations of very similar gameplay and replied:

A couple of days later than planned, but with all of the latest news and site updates I figured it was appropriate. Regardless, the votes have been tallied, the winners decided, and prizes/extras prepared. The three top winners will be contacted via PM about their winnings - which, hopefully, all three of them can benefit from.

The full list of participants and their poems can be found in the comment jump. Some of the voting was pretty close, but luckily the top three winners came out cleanly. Determined by our various members who voted, here are our Haiku masters:

3rd Place - Silver Magpie

2nd Place - Shocari...​