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Volcanion thing.png
The official Pokémon Twitter account has confirmed that a Volcanion distribution will be happening this October for owners of Pokémon X, Pokémon Y, Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.

Volcanion will be given away through codes given out at Gamestop stories in America. The event has been confirmed for Europe as well and lists Gamestop as giving away codes in Italy and Germany. Presumably it will be given out by GAME in the UK. The details of the Volcanion are as follows:

Name: Volcanion
Nature: Random
Level: 70
Ability: Water Absorb
Held Item: Rage Candy Bar
Moves: Steam Eruption, Overheat, Hydro Pump, Mist​

Volcanion is being distributed to celebrate the release of the latest Pokémon movie in English, which has been titled Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel. A trailer for the movie has been released and can be viewed below:


Pokémon.com has, once again, updated with a giant stack of news on Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon – and have finally revealed the major new battle mechanics we can enjoy in November. We've also learned about Island Challenges in Alola, and seen a sneak peek of a new Poké Ride feature!

As there's so much to talk about, we're going to split it into separate headings – click through to start reading all about it!
Arceus - Anime Style.png
Once again a new mythical Pokémon is now available as part of the Pokémon 20th Anniversary celebration. For the month of August the god goat Arceus is up for grabs. If you'd like to add this Arceus to your collection you'll need to venture outside of your home and obtain a download code from a gaming retail store.

As usual, the store giving out the codes varies depending on which country you live in:
  • United States - Gamestop
  • Canada - EBGames
  • United Kingdom - GAME
  • Australia and New Zealand - EBGames
Like with all of the previous monthly mythical Pokémon distributions, you can use your code within the Mystery Gift menu to download Arceus onto a copy of Pokémon X, Pokémon Y, Pokémon Omega Ruby, or Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. The codes will be available from August 1st to August 24th (while supplies last) and can be redeemed until November 30th, 2016. Get yours while you can!

Finally, here are the stats for this...

Anyone psyched to get their hands on Pokémon GO Plus, the rather pricey companion device for Pokémon GO? Then you'll likely be sad to hear that its release window has been pushed back from July until September 2016.

Note that we've only been given another release window, so an exact launch date for Pokémon GO Plus has yet to be revealed. We'll let you know once we know more - or if it sees further delays!
Game Freak are clearly trying to make up for the drought of Sun/Moon hype earlier this year. Today, they've announced on the Japanese social media channels that more Pokémon Sun and Moon info will be dropping on August 1st, at 10pm JST/2pm BST.

As always, we'll be there to bring you all the latest news on the reveal, so stay tuned...

Detective Pikachu.png
It's happening!

After years of rumbles and debates surrounding the creation of a live-action Pokémon movie it's finally becoming a reality. Thanks to the tremendous success of Pokémon Go, the bidding wars to obtain the rights to film the franchise's first live-action movie came to a head when Legendary Pictures moved in for the kill. Now, for better or worse, the global entertainment company and the Pokémon Company have confirmed that a deal has been reached.

With production of the movie set to begin in 2017, the film will apparently not be based around the main series video games nor take inspiration from the Pokémon anime series. Instead, the star of Pokémon's first romp into the world of non-animated cinema will be Detective Pikachu. Yup. I wouldn't fault anyone for forgetting about the character as the 3DS game of the same name (released earlier this year in Japan) has yet to be confirmed for a western release, but...
The Global Link has announced that the sixth generation Global Link that powers some of the online functionality for Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire will be shut down in late October, a few weeks before the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon. The change will mean that Game Sync will no longer function, and the Global Link website will be inaccessible. Additionally, you'll no longer be able to compete in Rating Battles or the Online Competitions.

The sixth generation Global Link was a nifty idea that was released alongside Pokémon X and Y in 2013, which caused all of Game Freak's servers to melt under the flood of newly-minted trainers. The service is the home to the PokéMileage Club, the Medal system, a Logbook of in-game events, and the Online Competitions, among other features. Unfortunately, it wasn't given much attention after XY's release and received nothing new with Omega...
An update to the official site has revealed six new Pokémon. Two of them are the Pokémon revealed in the most recent Corocoro leak, while four are brand new.

Let's start with the ones we already know.

Mimikyu, the Disguise Pokémon, keeps its Japanese name. As previously reported it is a Ghost / Fairy type, and its Disguise ability enables it to take one free hit in battle without taking any damage, before being broken. It is also portrayed using Slash using a shadowy limb extended from beneath its low-budget cosplay (which apparently it makes itself, by making markings appear on a plain cloth).
Kiteruguma is now known as Bewear - though I am still not sure why is it continuously pushed as a bear when it is obviously a red panda (which, unlike the giant panda, are not actually bears). As previously...
Hi all! You may have noticed we had some more downtime today – that's because we were moving from the backup server we were living on to a brand new and shiny full-time server. This server is our new home for the foreseeable future, and should mean we're more reliable, faster, and have much more room to grow in the future.

From all of us here at Pokécharms, we're sorry we've had a bit of a spotty service in the last couple of months, but we should be moving onto much better things from here. Feel free to kick the tires – and let us know if you find anything not working as well as it should!

Does Pokemon Go fulfil its lofty promises? Or should it just Pokemon Go Away?
When Pokemon Go was announced last year, it perhaps wasn't really the Pokemon game we were all sitting around waiting to be announced (which if you had asked any of us at the time, was 100% going to be a Pokemon Z style game to follow on from X and Y). Now, after nearly a year of not really explaining all that much about what the game would actually be like, millions of players have gotten the chance to experience it for themselves first hand for the past week (mostly illicitly so far thanks to a frustratingly slow global roll out).

Its success is definitely in no question. For the first time in about 15 years, everyone is talking about Pokemon again and it's already the most successful mobile game ever released in the US and has surpassed install numbers of LinkedIn and Tinder - with even Twitter firmly in its sights. $14million...