Fear is the weakness, or is it?

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  1. Tell me, Charmsians. What do you fear? Fear is one of the most primal drives that a human being or anything alive can experience. Although most people would consider fear to be evil, I consider it to be a virtue because without fear, you don't feel alive.

    So what do the Charmsians fear the most? I fear snakes, but not as much as I used to when I was younger. I feel like I grew out of my fear over the years but with most people, they don't.

    So what do the people of Charms fear the most?
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    Pff. As if anyone is dumb enough to reveal their weaknesses in public like that. Nice try, Zacky.

    (Insert "I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain." here.)
  3. I'm dumb enough ;D

    But seriously I'm actually almost in a perpetual state of fear, it'd be easier to list things that don't strike me with fear as a lot of stuff sets me off. I guess my main fear is failure which is why other things set me off as I see something and I fear it's something I'll fail
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    I'm feeling thoughtful so I'm dumb enough too! :D

    I've long had a phobia of bees/wasps/hornets and a fear of the dark, but within recent years I've developed several new fears. A fear of dying, a fear of people I care about dying, and a fear of abandonment. My fear of dying tends to manifest itself in annoying ways, such as my deep anxiety towards airplanes and lesser anxiety towards heights. I've become a fairly fearful person over the past few years. Lots of fun times. ^^;

    I wouldn't necessarily say that I consider these fears a "virtue", nor did I feel less alive before developing them, but fears can certainly give you new perspectives that you may not have previously considered (or not have considered as deeply). It's all life experiences, eh?
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  5. Fear of dying is actually one of the few things I don't have however I am scared about people I care about dying
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    My only real fear is spiders I think. I don't like being in planes but that's more to the fact I always feel so sick on them, rather than fearing them. I also tend to hit a 'omg I need to get off' around six hours into a flight which isn't a nice feeling but that's just cabin fever I guess.

    So yeah, spiders. I know it's a silly fear, and I know they're much more frightened of me than I am of them (although I'd question that at times), but I just can't be near them. The freak me out. Weirdly, I'm more frightened of dead spiders than living ones. I have some weird fear that they only look dead and will move super fast if I approach xD
  7. My biggest fear is being stranded in the middle of the ocean. Like I can't see any land or anything and there's nothing around and I'm just kicking my feet trying to stay above water and meanwhile I have no idea what could be swimming underneath me.

    Also ghosts. I don't care if they're friendly I would never want to see a ghost I would shit my pants.
  8. It's not silly at all! I am utterly terrified of spiders, even things that resemble spiders give me the willies. Anytime one of the things is nearby I get the urge to get as far away as physically possible. (Though somehow I adore spider pokemon, go figure)

    While I'm not afraid of death, I'm very much afraid of losing people close to me. It's just not something I cope with easily.
  9. I actually share a lot of these fears, although some are relatively minor for me. The fear of dying thing? For me, it's not so much the "dying" part that scares me, but what comes after...and the thought that whatever it is, it will last forever. That is what freaks me out a little, whenever I have ever pondered life and death.

    My biggest fear, though, is to be completely and utterly alone. If there was no one there for me, no one to talk to, no one anywhere near me, it would drive me crazy. Like, if I was lost in the woods for a couple weeks, even if I survived, I'd be losing my mind, because there wouldn't be anyone else there with me.
  10. I am going to be dumb enough to share, too.

    I have two biggest fears. The first is the dark. My sister is always making fun of me for this. I know most people outgrow the fear, but I was actually backwards. I loved the dark as a kid, and developed a fear of it. I experienced sleep paralysis once in middle school. I think this contributed to the fear. Logically, I know that the experience had nothing to do with being in the dark, but my mind associated it with the dark since it was dark when it happened. It scared me terribly. I remember jumping up as soon as I could finally move and turning the TV on. From that point on, I associated safety with the TV being on. So now I am afraid of the dark AND I need a TV on to sleep. If I'm in a dark room trying to sleep, I hide under my blanket or try to close my eyes as soon as I can.

    My other fear is death. Dying and the death of others. Endings are inevitable. I know that. That doesn't stop me from fearing having to face death.

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