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Zombie Apocalypse: Zombie Apocalypse Chapter 2: Getting Use to Surroundings

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer Character Bios:
Name: Flame
Weapons: 2 Swords
Family: ?
Age: 14
Personality: Kind, cares for others, hates to see death, loved science and math in school
Career before: High School Student
Appearance: Blue pants, red shirt with a skull on it, Skull necklace, green and red shoes, red baseball cap

Name: Doug
Weapons: ?
Family: ?
Age: 31
Personality: ?
Career before: ?
Appearance: Blue pants,black shirt, Whit shoes
It was the next day and Flame found himself some weapons to have. He decided to go outside and look around, but when he tried someone stopped him.
"Kid, its not safe to be out there." A person said.
"What if I know what I'm doing?" Flame asked.
"Still, we want kids to stay inside." Person replied.
"Ugh, I hate this." Flame said walking away inside. He decided to back to his room. His mom went out to search for supplies and didnt come back last night. He knows what happened, he just doesnt say a thing.
"Man, I know what im doing, why can't I go outside." Flame said.
"Age comes wisdom." Person said.
"What do you want?" Flame asked.
"We have something for you to do." Person said leading the way. Flame followed him outside and there was humans surrounded by zombies.
"What do you think, save or let them die?" Person asked Flame.
"Why you asking me?" Flame asked the person.
"Because we have no clue what to do." Person said.
"Of course, save them." Flame said. "but keep an eye on them." So the person saved them and put the two in the nurses room.
"They are passed out." Person said.
"Must be exsusted." Flame said.
"Maybe. but we should keep an eye on them like you said." Person said.
"Whats your name by the way?" Flame asked.
"Doug, my name is Doug." Doug said.