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Zombie Apocalypse: Zombie Apocalypse Chapter 1: New Survivors

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer This is a story, as you would expect from the title to be a story about zombies, and it is! My inspiration for this Series is from The Walking Dead. And no I do not watch Fear The Walking Dead, I just don't. Anyways enjoy the story!

Character Bios:
Name: Flame
Weapons: None
Family: ?
Age: 14
Personality: Kind, cares for others, hates to see death, loved science and math in school
Career before: High School Student
Appearance: Blue pants, red shirt with a skull on it, Skull necklace, green and red shoes, red baseball cap
Flame woke up one day and heard bangs on the house.
"Mom, whats going on?" Flame asked but no response. He decided to get up and explore the house.
"Mom, dad?" He called but no response. Then his mom came inside.
"Son, please come with me, we gotta get out of here." She said.
"But what about dad and our pets?" He asked.
"No time, lets go." She said carrying him in the car. So they went to a safe house in town.
"We should be fine here." She said.
"Just tell me whats going on." Flame demanded.
"Fine, zombies have rosen, and your father was killed defending the house from them.
"I know loads of stuff about zombie, from watching The Walking Dead." Flame said.
"Do you know how to fight?" She asked.
"Probally, at least with a sword or knife." He replied.
"Well you better learn, because I won't be here forever, and I could die." She said.
"I can see that." Flame replied.
"WHAT? YOU CAN SEE ME DYING?!" HIs mom said in anger.
"Nevermind crankster."Flame said.
"Go explore this place so you can get use to it." She said.
"Alright, fine." Flame said. Then there was an announcement over the speakers.
"Anyone who knows how to fight or is an adult please come over." The speaker said.
"Now go explore." She said walking away. Flame was slow at processing this once in a while but this wasn't one of those scenes.
"Maybe I will go find a sword for me." He said looking around.
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