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Zira Fumaki

by Night's Shadow

Night's Shadow Been trying to think of an MHA OC, and, well, this is what I came up with. Her basic information is down below.

Name: Zira Fumaki
Gender: Heterosexual female
Age: 14
Nickname(s): Zira, Fumaki, Zero, Z
Personality: She is how she looks; happy-go-lucky, combat-friendly, but also a little insecure.
Appearance: Left is hero costume, right is close-up street clothes. The spikes on the hero costume are mostly for defense; Zira prefers to fight with her katana.
All you folks who like sob stories, you’re in luck. Zira’s is the sobbiest. At age two, both her hero parents were killed by a villain, and she herself was wounded, one eye gouged out. She was taken to an orphanage, where she made a friend, Ketsune. Ketsune was paraplegic, so no one wanted to adopt her, whereas Zira was healthy. But she didn’t want to leave her only friend, so whenever a couple wanted to take Zira home, she would bite/scratch/kick whatever to stop it. Then came the day when the villains made their strike. Everyone in the orphanage was murdered... except Zira. She was asleep in the blankets, and wasn’t found until later. When she was found by the police, she was adopted by a hero family and lives a fairly normal life now... but her traumatic childhood has made it such that she now refuses to tell anyone her quirk. The only people who have ever known her quirk besides herself was Ketsune and both parents. For all three of them, they died the day after they guessed correctly.
Skills: Skilled in hand-to-hand combat, but better with a katana, her weapon of choice. Extremely athletic and flexible.
Hero Name: The Ticking Time-Bomb: Zero
Quirk: No one living knows her quirk, other than herself. She uses it in combat all the time, but it is hard to tell what exactly it is. Some people think it’s teleportation. Others think it’s super speed. Still others think it’s duplicating herself or becoming invisible at will. They’re all wrong.
Quirk Name:
Time Manipulation
Quirk Abilities:
Zira can mess with time. This includes slowing it down to a nearly stopped rate, traveling forward, and traveling back in time.

When time is nearly stopped, it is only stopped for her. The closer you are to her when she uses this particular part of her power, the slower time goes for you. In reality, however, normal time goes on at the same rate, but for Zira, everyone looks like they’re going slower. This ability works like a whirlpool— the closer you are, the worse you’re affected. Which is why some people think she can teleport or have super speed.

When she travels into the future, she can see where people will be at that given time. She can attack their future selves, then when they get to that point in normal time, it will be like they were being attacked by a ghost or some other invisible force. Hence the accidental interpretation of invisibility.

When she goes back in time, it’s like she makes a copy of herself. She cannot change anything the original has done, just do something at the same time. For example, if the original Zira were to attack Villain 1, the copy of Zira, the one where she went back as, could attack Villain 2 at the same time, therefore giving the illusion of duplicated Ziras in people’s memories.
Weaknesses of Quirk: With this much power comes a great many weaknesses. The speed of time speeds up as you get farther away from her, so sticking to long-range attacks will have it hard for her. Or you could do the opposite and come in super close; once you touch her bare skin, you’re in the clear and time flows the same way for both of you, though for everyone else it may still be slower. This is why her hero costume covers as much of her skin as possible. In addition, she can’t go further back or forward in time than an hour. If she uses her quirk too much, she will get light-headed and pass out. There are pressure points in the costume to ease that feeling, but they don’t do much.
Other: She uses a respirator in her hero costume because she has a rare lung disease that targets a light-headed host. Which is rather unfortunate due to her quirk’s weaknesses.
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  1. Night's Shadow
    Night's Shadow
    Thank you! It took me a long time to work out all the details. Time powers are complicated!
    Mar 20, 2020
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  2. Midnight Heart
    Midnight Heart
    Ooh~ She seems really cool and unique, especially her quirk! Nice job! :D
    Mar 20, 2020
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